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Death Death Quotes

God knows we have our own demons to be cast out, our own uncleanness to be cleansed. Neurotic anxiety happens to be my own particular demon, a floating sense of doom that has ruined many of what could have been, should have been, the happiest days of my life, and more than a few times in my life I have been raised from such ruins, which is another way of saying that more than a few times in my life I have been raised from death - death of the spirit anyway, death of the heart - by the healing power that Jesus calls us both to heal with and to be healed by.
— Frederick Buechner —

The death of my child was the death of my own heart.

— Julianne MacLean

Without death Death is dead

— Silje Akselberg Iversen

Retribution for the death of comrades who had perished because they were sent to that death ...

— StanisÅ‚aw Lem

I don't get to treat many lightsaber wounds. It's such an old weapon. People today prefer to fight with rifles and blasters, from long range." She shrugged. "I suppose it doesn't matter. Death is death, no matter the mechanism that is employed to beget it.

— Alan Dean Foster

Death, there will be death, aye. Your lordship lost a son at the Red Wedding. I lost four upon the Blackwater. And why? Because the Lannisters stole the throne. Go to King's Landing and look on Tommen with your own eyes, if you doubt me. A blind man could see it. What does Stannis offer you? Vengeance. Vengeance for my sons and yours, for your husbands and your fathers and your brothers. Vengeance for your murdered lord, your murdered king, your butchered princes. Vengeance!

— George R.R. Martin

Life rises out of death, death rises out of life; in being opposite they yearn to each other, they give birth to each other and are forever reborn. And with them, all is reborn, the flower of the apple tree, the light of the stars. In life is death. In death is rebirth. What then is life without death? Life unchanging, everlasting, eternal?-What is it but death-death without rebirth?

— Ursula K. Le Guin

WE stowed the wheels, uncapped the sledge-runners, put on our sis, and took off
down, north, onward, into that silent vastness of fire an ice that said in enormous letters of black and white DEATH, DEATH, written right across a continent. The sledge pulled like a feather, and we laughed with joy.

— Ursula K. Le Guin

I will kill you, the words said. Death, death, death. "Well . . . that's pleasant," Elend said, feeling an eerie chill.

— Brandon Sanderson

For two thousand years Christianity has been telling us: life is death, death is life; it is high time to consult the dictionary.

— Remy De Gourmont

Oh death, death, why do you never come to me thus summoned always day by day?

— Sophocles

The God content of the past no longer sustains the contemporary spirit. We sense that our only hope is to journey past those definitions of a God who is external, supernatural, and invasive, which previously defined our belief. We must discover whether or not the death of the God we worshiped yesterday is the same thing as the death of God.

— John Shelby Spong

One of my favorite footnotes in the hypochondria book [The Hypochondriac's Guide to Life. And Death.] was about the death of one of the King Charleses. He was essentially bled and vomited to death by his doctors. They also drilled holes in his head.

— Gene Weingarten

My joy is death- Death, at whose name I oft have been afeard, Because I wish'd this world's eternity.

— William Shakespeare

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