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Damn Good Quotes

From a thread of sky to the warp and weft of your being Youre beautiful, graceful, like no other; Youre pretty damn good as you are.
— Imogen Heap —

I'll be a son of a bitch," Patrick said.
Aidan could barely make his eyes move, forcing them from the papers onto him. "What?"
"I make a living, even life and death judgments, by reading peoples' body language, their raw reactions to situations. And I'd almos swear you've never seen those documents before."
"Well," Aidan said, swallowing hard, calculating what fame and money had cost him. "I'd say you're damn good at your job, because I haven't.

— Laura Spinella

His demanding tongue tasted so damn good, and his piercing bit deliciously against her lip from the aggressive way he pursued her over and over. His hands tugged and massaged at her hair and neck. He just surrounded her. The difference in their height made Caden lean down over her. The way he forced her head back commanded her to open up to him. With the metal handle of the door pressing into her back, she felt completely enveloped in him, in his ardor, his scent. The world dropped away. There was just Caden.

— Laura Kaye

I thought of a sign I had seen ... another scary time, when I was two hundred feet up in a giant karri tree in South West Australia. At the point where the precarious spiral ladder grew even steeper and narrower to reach the fire-watch platform atop the tree, the sign said: 'Reassess Your Situation Now: Turn Back if You Are Not Comfortable'. Then, as now, that seemed like damn good advice.

— Robert Michael Pyle

Jaz is their drummer. He's pretty damn good too. Hell, he's pretty damn good at everything he's ever tried. Creative little shit.

— Lissa Matthews

If you can't have frank and honest discussions with your partner about sex, you'd better be damn good with your hands.

— Stuart Hazleton

Touching your cap to the squire may be damn bad for the squire, but it's damn good for you.

— J.R.R. Tolkien

They are damn good projects - excellent projects. That goes for all the projects up there. You know some people make fun of people who speak a foreign language, and dumb people criticize something they do not understand, and that is what is going on up there - God damn it!

— Harry Hopkins

When I say I want to possess a woman for a day, maybe a whole weekend, it's like I'm inviting her to a dinner party. I'm making exactly the food I want, serving the drinks I like, planning everything. But she's the guest. Just because I'm in charge doesn't mean I won't serve her a damn good meal.

— Cara McKenna

About that mystifying enthusiasm a million years ago for turning over as many human activities as possible to machinery: What could that have been but yet another acknowledgment by people that their brains were no damn good?

— Kurt Vonnegut

Well, it would have to be "The Man Who Was Thursday." It's a damn good read that I believe should be read by everyone in politics.

— Terry Pratchett

You always want to be the person who doesn't need to be included, but it feels damn good to be among you people. My first Broadway show was Master Class, and I saw Audra McDonald. The one that sealed the deal was Ragtime, with Marin Mazzie. My first big role was with John Lithgow, and he taught me the ropes. Norm Lewis sang the night I met my husband. It makes me feel like I have a family.

— Kelli O'Hara

Punk was over in two years. That was the only damn good thing about it.

— Julie Burchill

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