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Crew Member Quotes

So the captain, the first officer and the ships doctor and sometimes the engineer all beam down to a planet. Together." "The entire complement of the senior officers?" Billy nodded "And who has the command of the ship?" "I dont know. Junior officers I guess." "If they worked for me I would have them court-martialed. That sounds like a dereliction of duty." "I know. I know. I always thought it odd myself. But thats not the point." "What is the point?" "Theyre usually accompanied by a guy in the red shirt. Always a crew member youve never seen before. And as soon as you see the shirt, you know hes going to die.
— Michael Scott —

Charlie squinted in the glare of the sun. "Are you a member of the crew?" He stepped forward and shaded his eyes.
"In a manner of speaking," the man replied. "I'm Rock Harding."
"Oh, nice to meet you.

— Hank Edwards

Focus-keep the memory of the kiss we shared before I met Cooper in the forefront of my mind. It was nice. Passionate even. There was a spark, I know there was. I just need to get back to that place. Yet I tense up when he moves in closer. "Is it the cameras?" he whispers in my ear. I have no idea how to answer, so I tell him the truth. Well, mostly the truth. It was difficult for me to forget the cameras even before I met Cooper. "Maybe a little." A member of the Throb crew comes out from nowhere. "Sorry to interrupt, guys. But can you speak a little louder? We can't pick up your voices out here too easily." Flynn sighs loudly. "Yeah. No problem.

— Vi Keeland

It is a leader's job instead to take responsibility for the success of each member of his crew. It is the leader's job to ensure that they are well trained and feel confident to perform their duties. To give them responsibility and hold them accountable to advance the mission.

— Simon Sinek

In a boat, I have always noticed that it is the fixed idea of each member of the crew that he is doing everything.

— Jerome K. Jerome

Any actor working a long time should know how a shot is set up, where to place themselves, how to handle the lines. I'm a member of the crew, like the best boy, the electrician. What I'm good at is making eyes at the camera.

— Jodie Foster

Sometimes I find it tiresome to write actions and describe the scene in a very intricate way so that every crew member understands where we are going - that I can find a little bit long and tiresome. But dialogue is just all my life. There's no way I could ever be challenged, not challenged, but I'm always so happy to write dialogue.

— Xavier Dolan

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