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Crazy But Logical Quotes

Ally turned her attention back to Brian Byrne. "So what do you do for a living when youre not searching out your roots?" "Have sex with thousands of women." He slanted her a grin that wouldve knocked her off her feet if she wasnt already laid out flat by his comment. "Professionally, of course." "Well, that makes it okay then." A porn star? Her instinct said no. But her instinct had also thought Dave was a great guy when she first met him. How wrong was that? Hmm. What else could Brian be? How about crazy? Sounded logical to her. She was alone with a crazy man. A sexy crazy man, but crazy was still crazy.
— Nina Bangs —

The assumption "It's selfish to have my needs met" makes people crazy not only because it hurts people, but because it isn't true. It isn't logical, and it doesn't make sense. To give a cup of cold water to those who need it, we need to have drunk from it ourselves.

— Henry Cloud

In a brief moment of lucidity, I was sure that we'd all gone crazy. But then that moment of lucidity was displaced by a supersecond of superlucidity (if I can put it that way), in which I realized that this scene was the logical outcome of our ridiculous lives. It wasn't a punishment but a new wrinkle. It gave us a glimpse of ourselves in our common humanity. It wasn't proof of our idle guilt but a sign of our miraculous and pointless innocence. But that's not it. That's not it. We were still and they were in motion and the sand on the beach was moving, not because of the wind but because of what they were doing and what we were doing, which was nothing, which was watching, and all of that together was the wrinkle, the moment of superlucidity. Then, nothing.

— Roberto Bolaño

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