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Crazy Bm Quotes

Has it ever occured to you that crazy cat people may be sane and you be the the crazy one?
— Quitillian Blue —

Has it ever occured to you that crazy cat people may be sane and you be the the crazy one?

— Quitillian Blue

You came and I was crazy for you
and you cooled my mind that burned with longing

— Sappho

I know it's crazy, but I actually prefer to prepare for disaster and worst-case scenarios, rather than panic once they do occur.

— Glenn Beck

It seems a peculiar thing when I go to fill my own cup; it remains empty as if the liquid evaporates as soon as it touches the glass. Yet when I reach to top off the cups of others, my own spills over. This is the crazy magic of charity.

— Richelle E. Goodrich

He was a little bit crazy with a side of fucking nuts. And that was a professional opinion.

— Lexi Blake

Maybe it's just hiding somewhere. Or gone on a trip to come home. But falling in love is always a pretty crazy thing. It might appear out of the blue and just grab you. Who knows - maybe even tomorrow.

— Haruki Murakami

I've realized that I love all forms of music and get excited when any artist goes crazy and creates something that is an experience.

— Tom DeLonge

Who are you writing to, Linus?"
"This is the time of year to write to the Great Pumpkin. On Halloween Night, the Great Pumpkin rises out of his pumpkin patch and flies through the air with his bag of toys for all the children!"
"You must be crazy! When are you going to stop believing in something that isn't true?"
"When *you* stop believing in that fellow with a red suit and the white beard who goes, 'Ho, ho, ho!'"
"We're obviously separated by denominational differences.

— Charles M. Schulz

What appeals to you the most is the very thing that will drive you crazy

— Emily Giffin

They thought I was crazy in Mexico when I said, 'I'm going to Hollywood.' Nobody thought I could make it.

— Salma Hayek

When my assistant strolled into my office one idle Tuesday morning, I had no way of knowing this would be the moment everything changed. A series of dominoes tipping with a clack, all leading to an unexpected and crazy end. One I fear I won't ever recover from.

— Kelly Moran

If you open up a magazine and there's a photograph of you with a giant red circle around your thigh, like, look at this cellulite, any person - I don't care what you do - would be mortified. It's no wonder people get crazy about it.

— Scarlett Johansson

My friends and I are crazy. That's the only thing that keeps us sane!

— Billy Joel

What I would do in order to be popular was, I'd put myself on line and joke around and be funny, and I was always known as the crazy kid.

— Leonardo DiCaprio

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