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Courage And Integrity Quotes

It is a privilege to join the campaign to support Bradley Manning for his courage and integrity in serving his country by helping make the government accountable to its citizens, and to inform the world of what its people should know.
— Noam Chomsky —

Self-respect, courage, and integrity look good ona man.

— Robert Glover

The finest of athletes have, along with skill, a few more essential qualities: to conduct their life with dignity, with integrity, with courage and modesty. All these, are totally compatible with pride, ambition, determination and competitiveness

— Donald Bradman

All your life, you have heard yourself denounced, not for your faults, but for your greatest virtues. You have been hated, not for your mistakes, but for your achievements. You have been scorned for all those qualities of character which are your highest pride. You have been called selfish for the courage of acting on your own judgment and bearing sole responsibility for your own life. You have been called arrogant for your independent mind. You have been called cruel for your unyielding integrity. You have been called anti-social for the vision that made you venture upon undiscovered roads. You have been called ruthless for the strength and self-discipline of your drive to your purpose. You have been called greedy for the magnificence of your power to create wealth.

— Ayn Rand

Through the inspiration of Vaclav's words, the courage of his dissidence and the integrity of his leadership, Czechoslovakia successfully transitioned from an authoritarian state to a free democracy at the heart of Europe.

— Michael D. Higgins

I don't - you know, I'm very disillusioned with our political system. If we don't wake up in America and realize that we have to vote out of our courage and integrity for candidates who reflect our own beatitudes, and not the beatitudes of the war machine and the corporations, we are - we're doomed.

— Cindy Sheehan

I think this takes a lot of courage and integrity to find your own voice and way to express not only your story, but the reality you are setting it within.

— Danae Elon

Character Ethic as the foundation of success-things like integrity, humility, fidelity, temperance, courage, justice, patience, industry, simplicity, modesty, and the Golden Rule.

— Stephen R. Covey

Only when you know who you are will you be able to find the courage to do what drives you-with integrity and grace.

— Bethann Hardison

Never forget that you are a [child] of God. He loves you. Live by your standards. Stand up for what you believe in. Sometimes it is not easy, and you may be standing alone for a while. Look for friends with integrity and character, then go to them and express appreciation for their examples. You might even find someone who has been feeling as lonely as you. Pray for guidance and protection from the Lord. He will sustain you. He will become a trusted friend, and you will discover that your example will attract many friends who will take courage from your strength of character.

— W. Craig Zwick

Your actions live after you till this globe is dissolved; they pass inevitably down as an inheritance from one generation to another ... decency and integrity, courage and compassion, are always well worth while; they are not lost, but pass on down the generations; we are indeed the heirs of all the ages.

— Phyllis Bentley

It is an important part of our life's experience to develop the strength, courage, and integrity to hold fast to truth and righteousness despite the buffeting we may experience.

— Dieter F. Uchtdorf

these are the historic qualities of the Bay Colony and the Bay State ... And these are the qualities which, with God's help, this son of Massachusetts hopes will characterize our government's conduct in the four stormy years that lie ahead.

— John F. Kennedy

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