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People consider Islam as the best religion of world; I wonder if best of them is that much worse, I am really proud of being an Atheist.
— M.F. Moonzajer —

Is this his first year teaching?" She nodded toward the window.
"How did you guess?" Holiday sighed. "He was recommended by a friend of a friend. He's not so bad when it's one on one. I hope you guys don't chew him up and spit him out."
Kylie grinned. "Perry might consider it."
Holiday frowned. "Promise me you'll not let that happen. He really seems like a nice guy and I think he'll make an excellent teacher. I'd appreciate it if you'd sort of take him under your wing."
Kylie chuckled. "Again, Perry might do that.

— C.C. Hunter

Before you judge me too harshly, consider your own deepest fears - real or imagined. Actually, all fear is born of the imagination, which means that the danger we fear doesn't need to be rational or even real to be potent.

— Richard Paul Evans

You seem to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men, and not more so. They have, with others, the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps ... Their power [is] the more dangerous as they are in office for life, and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control. The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots. It has more wisely made all the departments co-equal and co-sovereign within themselves.

— Thomas Jefferson

Close friends consider me a literary snob.

— Rabih Alameddine

No one could accuse Building 20 of burying its Services too deep in the Structure. Recabling from office to office, lab to lab, or even wing to wing is largely a matter of do-it-yourself. Rather than a burden, the occupants consider this a benefit. 1990 - The wide wood stairs in Building 20 show wear in a way that adds to its myth. You feel yourself walking in historic footsteps in pursuit of technical solutions that might be elegant precisely because they are quick and dirty. And that describes the building: elegant because it is quick and dirty.

— Stewart Brand

I do not consider the AK to be the best-ever assault rifle.

— Mikhail Kalashnikov

Although I am capable, through long dabbling in blue magic, of imitating any prose in the world (but singularly enough not verse-I am a miserable rhymester), I do not consider myself a true artist, save in one matter: I can do what only a true artist can do-pounce upon the forgotten butterfly of revelation, wean myself abruptly from the habit of things, see the web of the world, and the warp and the weft of that web.

— Vladimir Nabokov

Clearly it was time to consider rescheduling that optometrist appointment I'd missed last fall.

— Kelley Armstrong

There's some things in life that you really consider to be priceless.

— Dave Grohl

I consider myself more a craftsman than an artist.

— Roman Polanski

I believe there are few events in my life which have not happened to many; it is true the incidents of it are numerous, and, did I consider myself an European, I might say my sufferings were great; but when I compare my lot with that of most of my countrymen, I regard myself as a particular favorite of heaven, and acknowledge the mercies of Providence in every occurrence of my life.

— Olaudah Equiano

Perhaps the most widespread misunderstanding of economics is that it applies solely to financial transactions. Frequently this leads to statements that "there are noneconomic values" to consider. There are, of course, noneconomic values. Indeed, there are only noneconomic values. Economics is not a value itself but merely a method of trading off one value against another.

— Thomas Sowell

I am up there onstage alone with that guitar. I don't have to consider no one else and whether they are comfortable. I need very little.

— Lauryn Hill

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