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Conflict Inevitable Quotes

Life was messy, conflict inevitable. It didnt mean you had to fall apart.
— J. Courtney Sullivan —

We believed that it was most desirable that the North should win, we believed in the principle that the Union is indissoluable, we, or many of us at least, also believed that the conflict was inevitable, and that slavery had lasted long enough. But we equally believed that those who stood against us held just as sacred conviction that were the opposite of ours, and we respected them as every men with a heart must respect those who give all for their belief.

— Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Life was messy, conflict inevitable. It didn't mean you had to fall apart.

— J. Courtney Sullivan

But he was an only child and an only son, and for a mother in such a position it is not always easy to accept that another woman will eventually enter her son's life and, if all goes according to plan-the plan being that of the other woman-take him away. This common conflict, so understandable and so poignant, is played out time and time again, and almost always with the same painful result: Mother loses. It is so, of course, if Mother is overt in her attempt to put off the almost inevitable; if she is covert, then she stands a chance, admittedly a remote one, of introducing into her son's mind a germ of doubt that the woman he has chosen might not be the right one for him. That takes skill, and boundless patience, but it is a course fraught with dangers for the relationship between mother and future daughter-in-law, let alone for that between mother and son.

— Alexander McCall Smith

The Disarmament Conference has become the focal point of a great struggle between anarchy and world order ... between those who think in terms of inevitable armed conflict and those who seek to build a universal and durable peace.

— Arthur Henderson

You never want conflict. But sometimes conflict is inevitable.

— Richard Seymour

Conflict in close relationships is not only inevitable, it's essential. Intimacy connects people who are inevitably different.

— Martha Beck

We're always projecting our moral categories on things. I think that's inevitable. But capitalism places no particular value on morality. Morality in the market is enforced by contract and regulation and law, because morality is understood to be in conflict with the motive force of greed and accumulation.

— Michael Pollan

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