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Coffee Cream Quotes

I stood, crossed over to my office and poured him a cup, then asked if he liked his coffee like I liked my Death Stars: gigantic, on the Dark Side, and powerful enough to destroy a planet. He laughed softly. "A little cream is fine." "One coffee high coming up," I
— Darynda Jones —

I ordered my favorite drink; vanilla iced blended coffee with whipped cream and caramel sauce on top. The whipped cream and caramel sauce were the best. Usually when no one was watching, I would lick the inside of the lid to get every last drop of the addictive syrup. Once, my dad caught me doing this and started laughing. I'd gotten caramel plastered over my nose. If Colt had ever seen me do this, I would never live it down. Glancing around, I indulged shamelessly and grinned. -Cheyenne

— Lisa L. Wiedmeier

I'll know coffee works without cream and sugar when I see people buying unsweetened bakers chocolate for Valentine's Day.

— Kevin Sinnott

I'm not a purist. Coffee drinking minus cream and sugar is an acquired taste. I'm still not sure it isn't like telling chefs to dispense with spices in cooking.

— Kevin Sinnott

I like my coffee with cream and my literature with optimism.

— Abigail Reynolds

Eighteen luscuios scrumpitous flavors,
Chocolate,Lime and Cherry
Coffee,Pumpkin, Fudge-Banana,
Caramel Cream and boysenberry.
Rocky Road and Toasted Almond,
Butterscotch,Vanilla Dip, Butter Brinkle,
Apple Ripple,Coconut,and Mocha Chip, Brandy Peach and Lemon Custard.
Each scoop lovely.smooth and round. Tallest cream cone in town lying there on the ground.

— Shel Silverstein

You can't exist on this plane for long purely one thing or another. A totally evil creature is so destructive that it obliterates itself. A totally good one ... the same. So, we mix a bit of coffee with our cream.

— Thomm Quackenbush

I always have coffee without sugar, you know. Just cream.

— Vincente Minnelli

When shopping at Dunkin' Donuts, pretend you are the mother of nine. Say things like, 'Little David likes cream-filled and Susie wanted jelly.' That way, no one will be suspicious when you order a dozen donuts with one cup of coffee to go.

— Linda Sunshine

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