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Close To Heart Quotes

All things issue from it; all things return to it. To find the origin, trace back the manifestations. When you recognize the children and find the mother, you will be free of sorrow. If you close your mind in judgements and traffic with desires, your heart will be troubled. If you keep your mind from judging and arent led by the senses, your heart will find peace. Seeing into darkness is clarity. Knowing how to yield is strength. Use your own light and return to the source of light. This is called practicing eternity.
— Laozi —

Why are you putting so much distance between us? If you want to make sure it hits me, then you should get close and fire. Or is it that you're afraid of letting even a part of me out of your field of vision by getting close? If that's the case, then it's a foolish thought. Distance only has meaning in a fight between equals. With you and I, distance holds no meaning at all. Watch ... If I do this, my hand is almost instantly at your heart.

— Sosuke Aizen

F.T. McKinstry Quotes: The light from his torch painted the
The light from his torch painted the barren forest in shades of his own reflection, black-haired, gray-eyed and pale for want of a touch. He pulled his cloak close, unable to determine which made him more uncomfortable: the dreary woods or the new moon settling onto his heart like a cloud of moths.

— F.T. McKinstry

There's just something about making whoopee out under the stars that keeps a heart young, a mind sharp, and"
she leaned close to whisper in Meg's ear
"your coochie ready to do hoochie!

— C.H. Admirand

Men have a great deal of pleasure in human knowledge, in studies of natural things; but this is nothing to that joy which arises from divine light shining into the soul. This spiritual light is the dawning of the light of glory in the heart. There is nothing so powerful as this to support persons in affliction, and to give the mind peace and brightness in this stormy and dark world. This knowledge will wean from the world, and raise the inclination to heavenly things. It will turn the heart to God as the fountain of good, and to choose him for the only portion. This light, and this only, will bring the soul to a saving close with Christ. It conforms the heart to the gospel, mortifies its enmity and opposition against the scheme of salvation therein revealed: it causes the heart to embrace the joyful tidings, and entirely to adhere to, and acquiesce in the revelation of Christ as our Savior.

— Jonathan Edwards

The only thing that ever came close to tugging my heart strings is music. I know this because that is the only time I've felt them move.

— Hafsa Shah

Ben Midland Quotes: To close a fellow human being in your
To close a fellow human being in your heart compels more respect than attending 1000 Christmas Masses.

— Ben Midland

Do grant, oh my God, that when my lips approach Yours to kiss You, I may taste the gall that was given to You; when my shoulders lean against Yours, make me feel Your scourging; when my flesh is united with Yours, in the Holy Eucharist, make me feel Your passion; when my head comes near Yours, make me feel Your thorns; when my heart is close to Yours, make me feel Your spear.

— Gemma Galgani

What should I do about the wild and the tame? The wild heart that wants to be free, and the tame heart that wants to come home. I want to be held. I don't want you to come too close. I want you to scoop me up and bring me home at nights. I don't want to tell you where I am. I want to keep a place among the rocks where no one can find me. I want to be with you.

— Jeanette Winterson

It was so close to October that Halloween was knocking at his heart.

— Barry Eysman

Deborah Moggach Quotes: Remove the curtain of your heart and see
Remove the Curtain of your Heart and see the Beloved sitting inside yourself. Close your Ears to the Outside and hear the Cosmic Sound going on within you.
Intro to Part 2, Chapter 1. Credit given to Mira, poet-saint of Rajastan.

— Deborah Moggach

He was done talking. Aiden came off the wall so fast the water reacted in a frenzy of bubbling. He-we-were in a frenzy. His arms crushed me to him, his mouth demanding, saying those three little words over and over again without speaking them. Aiden lifted me up, one hand burying deep in my hair, the other pressing into my lower back, fitting us together. He turned and my back was against the edge and he was everywhere all at once, stealing my breath, my heart, my soul. There was no coming up for air, no control or limits. There was no tottering on the edge. We both fell headfirst. In his arms, in the way the water bubbled and moved with our bodies, I may've lost track of time, but I gained a little part of me. I gained a part of him that U would hold close for the rest of my days, no matter how long or short that turned out to be.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

Alexandra Bracken Quotes: No spinning i said i wasnt sure my head
No spinning, I said. I wasn't sure my head or heart could take it. Up close, he was so warm, and so beautiful. I was already dizzy enough.

— Alexandra Bracken

Much more. We're joined at the heart."
"Bad luck for you, I'm afraid. My ticker's pretty wonky."
"Too much boozing."
His eyes twinkled, and he drew me close. "Not enough kissling.

— Diane Ackerman

I'll tell you a secret: Close your eyes and open your heart.

— Kristian Goldmund Aumann

I close my eyes and he smells like him. His arms are his. Everything is normal, except I'm wearing clothes and he's in a hospital robe, and we're not in a hotel room. He is still him, wearing my heart on his sleeve. Everything I want, right here, in my arms.

— Katy Evans

Caisey Quinn Quotes: Ive been called names you probably dont
I've been called names you probably don't even know the meaning of. And you can keep throwing your bitchy-ass attitude in my face every time I breathe too close to you if that's what you need to do to be happy. I'll smile. And I might even wink or blow you a kiss. I'm from Oklahoma, honey. I can bless your heart and hate your crazy ass all at the same time. But if you ever, and I mean ever, make another comment about Trace, his drinking or otherwise, then I promise, you won't be able to whistle fucking Dixie when I'm through with you." She watched as Mia took a step back. Clearly, she'd gotten her point across. So she winked. "Anyways. Lovely chatting with you. As usual. See you at dinner.

— Caisey Quinn

For years afterward when Amory thought of Eleanor he seemed still to hear the wind sobbing around him and sending little chills into the places beside his heart. The night when they rode up the cold slope and watched the cold moon float through the clouds, he lost a further part of him that nothing could restore; and when he lost it he lost also the power of regretting it. Eleanor was, say, the last time that evil crept close to Amory under the mask of beauty, the last weird mystery that held him with wild fascination and pounded his soul to flakes.

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

Jane," he rasped as his strokes grew frenzied. "It's always ... been you. Only you."
"Only you," she echoed.
She'd been fooling herself about Edwin. There had only ever been one man in her heart. And as he drove himself deep inside her, he sent her vaulting into the sun.
When he followed her into the bliss, she clutched him close to her chest and prayed that he would let her inside his heart as deeply as she'd let him into hers. That she wasn't making a mistake by taking up with him again.
Because it was too late to go back now. This time, he had her for better or worse.

— Sabrina Jeffries

She thought about what happily-ever-afters were about, and decided that true love didn't mean effortless, and ever-after wasn't about cruise control. You started with the attraction, and then you opened your heart and your soul-but all that, which was no small thing, just got you to first base. There were many, many other trips to take to deeper levels of greater acceptance and understanding. That was where you found the happy. And the ever-after was the work you were always willing to put in to stay close, to learn, and to grow as people together.

— J.R. Ward

In the field of fantastic fiction, the question of world-building is not uncontroversial. But I grew up with 'Dungeons and Dragons,' so that whole world-building thing is very close to my heart.

— China Mieville

When I was growing up, my mother, who had been through a lot of terrible things in life, taught me that when life is tough your instinct is to close your heart. But if you can accept what happened and reach out to someone, there will always be someone less fortunate, or someone that can bring a solution and help your life.

— Jane Seymour

Ibiza is very close to my heart.

— Jade Jagger

Laura Kreitzer Quotes: I thought it was just him she says
I thought it was just him," she says, ignoring him. "But then I found out I had the same effect, which means the Society did something to my head too."
Gage's eyes close, horror washing over him. "You really do love him."
"Yes. No. I don't know." Her cries start up again, piercing his heart. "Gage, help me."
"I love you," he says, holding her closer. "That's real.

— Laura Kreitzer

Dianna Agron Quotes: What a world we live in i want to be
What a world we live in. I want to be incredibly close to the heart of it all. To live honestly, truthfully and to be completely present is the ultimate enterprise.

— Dianna Agron

Dreams are always crushing when they don't come true. But it's the simple dreams that are often the most painful because they seem so personal, so reasonable, so attainable. You're always close enough to touch, but never quite close enough to hold and it's enough to break your heart.

— Nicholas. Sparks

Then 'tis little wonder your family despairs of ever seeing you married off. Sounds to me as though you haven't time at all to be courting." "Hmm." Tavish leaned in so close he could smell the flowery scent he'd come to associate with her since their picnic by the river. Could she hear how hard his heart had begun pounding? "Is that a complaint or an invitation, Sweet Katie?" he whispered.

— Sarah M. Eden

I felt Red's arm close around me like a shield against the rest of the world. His mouth was against my hair, and his heart thumped violently under my cheek. I shut my eyes, and held onto his shirt with both hands, and wept.

— Juliet Marillier

Don't think," whispers Satan: he knows that an unconverted heart is like a dishonest businessman's financial records, they will not bear close inspection. "Consider your ways," says the Word of God

— J.C. Ryle

Higher good is like water:
the good in water benefits all,
and does so without contention.
It rests where people dislike to be,
so it is close to the Way.
Good ground;
profound is the good in its heart,
Benevolent the good it bestows.

— Lao Tzu

Lara Adrian Quotes: As a girl mira had held his hand and led
As a girl, Mira had held his hand and led him out of a dark place. As a woman, she'd held his heart, despite his efforts to prove himself from caring for someone he could never bear to lose. Now he only hoped he'd find the strength to push Mira away, when all he wanted was to pull her close and never let her go.

— Lara Adrian

I did a project on immigration, which is something that has always been close to my heart. For me, immigration was the way to evolve, to make people better.

— Agathe Snow

On the banks of the Euphrates find a secret garden cunningly walled. There is an entrance, but the entrance is guarded. There is no way in for you. Inside you will find every plant that grows growing circular-wise like a target. Close to the heart is a sundial and at the heart an orange tree. This fruit has tripped up athletes while others have healed their wounds. All true quests end in this garden, where the split fruit pours forth blood and the halved fruit is a full bowl for travelers and pilgrims. To eat of the fruits means to leave the garden because the fruit speaks of other things, other longings. So at dusk you leave the place you love, not knowing if you can ever return, knowing you can never return by the same way as this. It may be, some other day, that you will open the gate by chance, and find yourself again on the other side of the wall.

— Jeanette Winterson

Sloppy script and felt a pang of guilt. She started to close the notebook but paused in thought. It didn't feel right. It didn't seem ... truthful. With a heavy hand and a heavy heart, she added in parentheses

— Chanda Hahn

It is not while beauty
And youth are thine own
And thy cheeks
Unprofaned by a tear
That the ferver and faith
Of a soul can be known
To which time will but
Make thee more dear
No the heart that has truly loved
Never forgets
But as truly loves
On to the close
As the sunflower turns
On her god when he sets
The same look which
She'd turned when he rose.

— Thomas Moore

I thought he'd run if he knew. Instead, he offered help, not that I believed he could possibly help.
I thought he'd turn his back, close his heart, slink away. Instead, he promised sanctuary.

— Ellen Hopkins

I think he came to die with me," I say. I clamp my hand over my mouth to stifle a sob. If I can keep breathing, I can stop crying. I didn't need or want him to die with me. I wanted to keep him safe. What an idiot, I think, but my heart isn't in it.
"That's ridiculous," he says. "That doesn't make any sense. He's eighteen; he'll find another girlfriend once you're dead. And he's stupid if he doesn't know that."
Tears run down my cheeks, hot at first and then cold. I close my eyes. "If you think that's what it's about ... " I swallow another sob. " ... you're the stupid one.

— Veronica Roth

Look with your heart and not with your eyes. The heart understands. The heart never lies. Believe what it feels, and trust what it shows. Look with your heart; the heart always knows. Love is not always beautiful, not at the start. But open your arms, and close your eyes tight. Look with your heart and when it finds love, your heart will be right.

— Andrew Lloyd Webber

Scott Hastie Quotes: Be brave enough to never yearn for that
Be brave enough to never yearn For that you cannot hold close In your heart forever. Tread lightly, cherish compassion And live in the moment without fear.

— Scott Hastie

I believe that fantasy in the meaning of imagination is very important. We shouldn't stick too close to everyday reality but give room to the reality of the heart, of the mind, and of the imagination.

— Hayao Miyazaki

Sometimes you just close your eyes and jump ... you don't think too long or maybe you just won't. Sometimes you just follow your heart, don't analyze too long, or maybe it might just be gone.

— Carrie Newcomer

Bless you, my darling, and remember you are always in the heart - oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape - of your sister.

— Katherine Mansfield

Elizabeth Barrett Browning Quotes: Life treads on life and heart on heart
Life treads on life, and heart on heart; We press too close in church and mart To keep a dream or grave apart.

— Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Some day we'll awake, have a reformation of the heart, teach our kids honor and kill a few sex psychologists, put boys in high schools with men teachers (not sissies), close all the girls' finishing schools, shoot all the effeciency experts and become a nation of God's people once more.

— Harry S. Truman

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