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Cl Bryant Quotes

There isnt a move thats a new move. The basketball star Kobe Bryant has admitted that all of his moves on the court were stolen from watching tapes of his heroes. But initially, when Bryant stole a lot of those moves, he realized he couldnt completely pull them off because he didnt have the same body type as the guys he was thieving from. He had to adapt the moves to make them his own.
— Austin Kleon —

Look at this fog. The damp gets right into your bones. It's doing my chest no good at all. I'll need a vapour bath." Bryant pulled down his scarf and peered over the sodden hedge. Dew had formed on his bald head and ears. He resembled a minor Tolkien character.
"You're getting old before your time," warned May. "I can't imagine what you'll look like in your eighties."
"I'm ageing gracefully, which means not trying to look like a member of Concrete Blimp."
"I assume you mean Led Zeppelin ...

— Christopher Fowler

A small-time hoodlum who had spent most of the 1960s at San Quentin State Prison in California, the 30-year-old Bryant claimed that he hijacked Flight 97 under orders from his higher-ups in the Black Panther Party; he said his mission was to arrange for the purchase of bazookas to aid the organization's struggle against oppression.

— Brendan I. Koerner

Corey Bryant sank into a great forgetful river, and that river was time, and its waters were red.

— Stephen King

People were referring to me as the new Anita Bryant. Anita would get a little jealous.

— Kathie Lee Gifford

Well, it used to be Kobe Bryant ... the second best all time ... now, I have a new favorite player to play against ... my former teammate, LeBron James.

— Dwyane Wade

Coach (Bear) Bryant wanted to see who was tough in the spring, who he could count on in the fall.

— Gene Stallings

Kobe [Bryant] had the biggest contract for a high school kid. He was the first one to get more than a million a year.

— Sonny Vaccaro

Every time [Chris Bryant] asks a question I become more and more baffled why anyone would want to hack his phone and listen to his messages

— Nick Clegg

Putting styles on lock, and making beats by the bundle,
Scooping more props than Bryant Gumbel ... and staying humble.

— Pete Rock

And don't think that by eating freedom fries you are being patriotic and helping the war effort. Use less gasoline, read a newspaper. You know what, how about we cool it with the freedom fries anyway you fat asses. We're the fattest country in the world. Have you ever walked around an American mall? It's nothing but chick fillets and Lane Bryant track suits busting at the seams.

— Tina Fey

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