Cat Scratch Quotes

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Cat Scratch Quotes

Ive always been able to tell a lot about people by whether they ask me about my scar. Most people never ask, but if it comes up naturally somehow and I offer up the story, they are quite interested. Some people are just dumb: Did a cat scratch you? God bless. Those sweet dumdums I never mind. Sometimes it is a fun sociology litmus test, like when my friend Ricky asked me, Did they ever catch the black guy that did that to you? Hmmm. It was not a black guy, Ricky, and I never said it was.
— Tina Fey —

I'm pretty much a cat that way. Scratch my stomach, and I'll purr at you, but I'll want to gut you with my claws even more than if you'd ignored me.

— Tad Williams

The cat has caught the bird, and she will scratch out your eyes as well. You will never see your Rapunzel again.

— Marissa Meyer

No one wants to hear you speak, Bradie Boy," Kitten said in that scratchy voice of hers.
"Like that's ever stopped me. I can't believe we've got a bird and a cat in the car." Bradley chuckled. "I guess that makes me animal control. Nice."
"I'm a Teran," Kitten said tightly, "not a cat. And if I hear you call me a cat one more time, I'll scratch your eyes out. Understand?"
"Oh, I understand. I just don't think you'll like what I'm understanding, which is that you can't wait to get your hands on me.

— Gena Showalter

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