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Whats more important is that the monsters are controllable by the players.Pikachu is like the name of the species. But each player can name their own Pikachu. So kids can relate to it more. They get more attached to them that way.
— Satoshi Tajiri —

I think I also don't confess because I am still so unbelieving of what happened. I am still aghast. I stun myself each time I retell the truth to myself, let alone to someone else. So I am evasive in order to spare myself ... I can see though that my secrecy does me no favors. It probably makes worse my sense of being outlandish. It confirms to me that it might be abhorrent, my story, or that few can relate to it.

— Sonali Deraniyagala

There's been a vacuum with movies that people can relate to. There's been a paucity of dramas that people can relate to. I think audiences are clamoring to connect - particularly after 9/11 - with things that are genuine and real and I think documentaries are filling that need.

— George Hickenlooper

At the end of the day I'm just Linda, and Linda is a single professional woman, and a lot of women can relate to what I talk about.

— Linda Sanchez

As somebody who has wanted to be an actor who is very young, I can relate to somebody who has been practicing oboe five days a week since they were very young. The physicality of anything a character does is a tremendous gift.

— Lola Kirke

Nobody's really unsympathetic, I think. People do good and bad things. If a character's totally unsympathetic, they're not real and I'm not interested. Even the real monsters have to have a spark of something you can relate to.

— Matthew Macfadyen

I feel like there are things I can relate to in every character. But I feel like when you read a script, you don't get to see the definition behind someone, you just get to read what the person goes through and find a place to come from to make it real.

— Martin Starr

'Fast Life' is just about going out with your friends and having a good time - I think it's one of those songs that people can relate with and like.

— Joe Jonas

Whenever you can relate to the population of the team that you play for, I think it makes it that much more special.

— Robert Griffin III

I always gravitate towards anything from Ireland. With Irish lit, I love the use of language, but also in many instances, the Irish writers are writing about people and circumstances that I can relate to.

— Daniel Woodrell

To this day I over prepare. I draw storyboards for every scene - chicken scratches so crude that they amuse and horrify the crew. I send out shot lists, act out the scenes, and search for a theme that I can relate to. It's my favorite time of the process.

— Eric Stoltz

Learning the craft as an actor in Los Angeles is a very hard thing to do, in my opinion. We all come from a certain world and when you start learning the craft, you need material to read/study that you can relate to. We do not have too many Latino writers on the West Coast that I was able to relate to (or at least, I didn't know at the time). I came from the streets, so the most published authors had no relation to my world. As soon as I picked up Pinero & Guirgis, it was all over. It was my world, just in a different location. They cracked me open inside and out.

— Richard Cabral

The idea of being a character who is kind of isolated, I can relate to that.

— Robin Williams

I remember watching Swan Lake and everybody looking exactly the same, but being able to relate because they were the only company I had ever seen even on video that had Asian dancers. The Asian community in Hawaii is actually almost as dominant as the Caucasian community. I thought "I can relate to that company because they look like people that I see every day." They weren't all little stick-thin Russian ballerinas.

— Joan Chen

What's more important is that the monsters are controllable by the players.Pikachu is like the name of the species. But each player can name their own Pikachu. So kids can relate to it more. They get more attached to them that way.

— Satoshi Tajiri

I definitely can relate to being down and closed-off at certain times in my life.

— Aubrey Plaza

I always say African American history is the quintessential American story. It's about perseverance and resilience - something everyone can relate to.

— Philip Freelon

I can't relate to Mansfield or Monroe. The only one I can relate to is Bardot. First of all, there's a certain physical similarity between us. Second of all, she was very strong
she didn't have that affected sexuality.

— Pia Zadora

DIARY, n. A daily record of that part of one's life, which he can relate to himself without blushing.

— Ambrose Bierce

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