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C9 Sneaky Quotes

Theres someone in town asking for directions to Bhaile Anois," she said. "He checked in late last night at the inn." Any and Dan exchanged uneasy glances. "What does he look like?" Amy asked. Fiona narrowed her eyes. "Sneaky, for certain," she said. "And hes quite a waster. Good for nothin but complaining. Nora over at the inn said hes never satisfied with the temperature if his tea, and he asked for a cashmere throw in his room." Any and Dan exchanged another glance. "IAN," they said together, and sighed. "You know the eejit?" Fiona asked. "The eejit is our cousin," Amy said. "Distant cousin," Dan added. "Very, very distant.
— Jude Watson —

Married?" I asked, being ineptly sneaky.
"Nope. Gay," Sam flatly stated, being honest and not sneaky at all. How can you not like a man like that?
I almost choked on a green bean. Before I could stop myself, the words were out of my mouth. "And I'm sure the gay world is happy as hell about it."
Jason & Sam

— John Inman

Another note to self; turn cellphone to silent when you're trying to be sneaky.

— Suzie Ivy

In real life turning points are sneaky. They pass by unlabeled and unheeded. Opportunities are missed, catastrophes unwittingly celebrated. Turning points are only uncovered later, by historians who seek to bring order to a lifetime of tangled moments.

— Kate Morton

That's not what justice is," the colonel jeered, and began pounding the table again with his big fat hand. "That's what Karl Marx is. I'll tell you what justice is. Justice is a knee in the gut from the floor on the chin at night sneaky with a knife brought up down on the magazine of a battleship sandbagged underhanded in the dark without a word of warning. Garroting. That's what justice is when we've all got to be tough enough and rough enough to fight Billy Petrolle. From the hip. Get it?

— Joseph Heller

Friends can make you feel that the world is smaller and less sneaky than it really is.

— Daniel Handler

Take charge of hidden, sneaky sources of chronic inflammation that can trigger illness and disease by wearing comfortable shoes daily, getting an annual flu vaccine, and asking your doctor why you're not on a statin and baby aspirin if you're over the age of forty.

— David Agus

The sneaky heftiness of the book being the aggregate cumulative effect of hundreds of thousands of individually insubstantial little markings, letters and numbers, commas and periods and colons and dashes, each symbol pressed upon the page by the printing machine with a slightly greater-than-expected force and darkness and permanence.

— Charles Yu

Hormones were as potent as whiskey, and twice as sneaky.

— Linda Howard

Women are sneaky.

— Patricia Briggs

If liberalism has grown so weak and ineffective, why does it evoke such alarm on the part of conservatives? It turns out that while liberals are weak and spineless, they are also sneaky and clever.

— Eric Alterman

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