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Someone told me a woman bought a dog so she could take it to the same park where I go running, but Im hoping thats rubbish.
— Richard C. Armitage —

She planted that terror of debt so deeply in her children that even now, in a changed economic pattern where indebtedness is a part of living, I become restless when a bill is two days overdue. Olive never accepted the time-payment plan when it became popular. A thing bought on time was a thing you did not own and for which you were in debt. She saved for things she wanted, and this meant that the neighbours had new gadgets as much as two years before we did.

— John Steinbeck

You may have bought my body, you may even have the papers to prove it, but don't fool yourself into thinking for a moment that my heart and mind were included in the purchase.

— Nenia Campbell

I have been given permission to announce that I and others from 'All My Children' have been approached by the company Prospect Park, who bought 'AMC,' with the intention to move it online.

— Cameron Mathison

My girlfriend has crabs, I bought her fishnet stockings.

— Jay London

I bought my Grasshoppers tennis shoes at a flea market in Brooklyn. They are so comfortable to lounge around in on tour.

— Wynter Gordon

I have a lot of land. I bought it because I had a very strong feeling. I was in my early twenties, and I had grown up in Los Angeles and had seen that city slide off into the sea from the city I knew as a little kid. It lost its identity - suddenly there was cement everywhere and the green was gone and the air was bad - and I wanted out.

— Robert Redford

The soul is a terrible reality. It can be bought, and sold, and bartered away. It can be poisoned, or made perfect. There is a soul in each one of us. I know it.

— Oscar Wilde

I bought an island in 1987. It's in one of the lakes in Canada. I went around it in my boat and went to the real estate office and bought it. It's the best $65,000 I've ever spent. My family camp on it and we have great times there.

— Dan Aykroyd

My father, an entrepreneur but hardly a technologist, was looking to buy a computer to 'automate' our family business. In 1981, he characteristically dove head first into computing and bought an Osborne I.

— Steven Sinofsky

The American people's vote can't be bought.

— Michele Bachmann

I have great family and good friends; the stories I told became popular, and people all over the world bought them.

— Maeve Binchy

Sometimes I feel like ... the world is a place I bought a ticket to. It's a big show for me, as if it wouldn't happen if I wasn't there with a camera.

— Garry Winogrand

Jesus did not bathe this planet with his blood to have you serve the world, the flesh, and the devil. He died to make you holy. You are not your own. First Corinthians 6:20 says 'For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's.'

— Adrian Rogers

When I was thirteen or fourteen I bought a paintbox with oil paints from money slowly saved up. The feeling I had at the time - or better - the experience of color coming slowly out of the tube - is with me to this day.

— Wassily Kandinsky

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