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Boss Man Quotes

Big boss man, cant you hear me when I call? You aint so big, youre just tall.
— Jimmy Reed —

Nissan asked him to make an estimate of what it would cost to run the plant. When he finished it, he typed it up, signed it, and-according to the procedure he had been taught at Ford-brought it to his new boss, Takashi Ishihara, president of Nissan, to sign. Ishihara seemed surprised when he looked at it, and said nothing. A few days later he brought it back to Runyon with his signature at the bottom. "Frame this," he said, "because it is the last piece of paper I will sign for you." Runyon looked puzzled. "We searched very carefully for the man to run our factory," Ishihara continued, "and we picked you, and you are our man and we trust you. We don't have to sign papers anymore. From now on it is just yes or no with us.

— David Halberstam

Hey little demon, where's boss man? (Tabitha)
He off attending to Lord Queen Pain-In-My-Butt. (Simi)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

Bauer was a large, flat-topped man, with pale skin that had been acned and pitted so that it resembled a cob cleaned of corn, eyes the color of snuff, and the general expression of a natural-born straw boss.

— Daniel Woodrell

A Bluesman hates to be told what to do. Authority rankles him, inspires his rebellion, and plays to his need to self-destruct. A Bluesman doesn't take to having a boss unless he's on a chain gang (for the chain gang boss ranks below only a mean old woman and a sweet young thing in the hierarchy of the Blues Muse, followed closely by bad liquor, a dead dog, and the Man).

— Christopher Moore

You can't give or take ten elephants, boss, said M'Bu firmly. He knew that counting elephants was a precision job. A man might be uncertain about how many wives he had, but never about elephants. Either you had one, or you didn't.

— Terry Pratchett

More power than all the success slogans ever penned by human hand is the realization for every man that he has but one boss. That boss is the man - he - himself.

— Gabriel Heatter

The blood cyst works kind of like a whip, doesn't it?" I asked. "For the sheep to manipulate the host." "Exactly. Once that forms, there's no escaping the sheep." "So what on earth was the Boss after, doing what he was doing?" "He went mad. He probably couldn't take the heat of that blast furnace. The sheep used him to build up a supreme power base. That's why the sheep entered him. He was, in a word, disposable. The man was zero as a thinker, after all." "So when the Boss died, you were earmarked to take over that power base." "I'm afraid so." "And what lay ahead after that?" "A realm of total conceptual anarchy. A scheme in which all opposites would be resolved into unity. With me and the sheep at the center." "So why did you reject it?" Time trailed off into death. And over this dead time, a silent snow was falling. "I guess I felt attached to my

— Haruki Murakami

Because the hardest boss a man can ever have is himself.

— Stephen King

It all began, as I have said, when the Boss, sitting in the black Cadillac which sped through the night, said to me (to Me who was what Jack Burden, the student of history, had grown up to be) "There is always something."
And I said, "Maybe not on the Judge."
And he said, "Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption and he passeth from the stink of the didie to the stench of the shroud. There is always something.

— Robert Penn Warren

But that's the thing Artie. What if Romani isn't a man " Amelia said leaning forward.
"Great. We'll alert Scotland Yard and tell them they're looking for a vampire. Or a werewolf. I'm assuming you've cross-referenced this with the lunar cycles."
"What if it's a name " Amelia said undaunted. She spread the files across the desk. "A name that has been used by a lot of people for a very long time."
"Excellent." Her boss pushed the files aside and returned to his order and his lists and his life. "You cracked it. Great work. I'll call the Henley right away and tell them Leonardo's Angel Returning to Heaven was stolen by a name.

— Ally Carter

Big boss man, can't you hear me when I call? You ain't so big, you're just tall.

— Jimmy Reed

I can only do what's easy. I can only entice and be enticed. I can't, and won't, attempt difficult relations. If I marry it will either be a man who's strong enough to boss me or whom I'm strong enough to boss. So I shan't ever marry, for there aren't such men. And Heaven help any one whom I do marry, for I shall certainly run away from him before you can say 'Jack Robinson.

— E. M. Forster

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