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Bosnian Quotes

The Bosnian Genocide was something that triggered my consciousness and led to an awakening politically for me.
— Maajid Nawaz —

Europe has another meaning for me. Every time I mention that word, I see the Bosnian family in front of me, living far away from whatever they call home and eating their own wonderful food because that's all that is left for them. The fact remains that after fifty years, it was possible to have another war in Europe; that it was possible to change borders; that genocide is still possible even today.

— Slavenka Drakulić

For me the much more significant question is what did the Americans do, if anything, to help the Croatian army, because they are the ones that changed fundamentally the map of Bosnia, not the Bosnian army.

— John Pomfret

I've had much nastier things said about me in the British press than in the Bosnian press.

— Paddy Ashdown

I was born Muslim, my parents are Muslim, I am Bosnian. I cannot be anything else.

— Adnan

There was a genocide unfolding against Bosnian Muslims and we, in the United Kingdom, were incredibly angered - a teenager at the time, 15 years old, so my young teenage mind processed that in a way typical to the very passionate and angry and black-and-white way that teenagers often can do.

— Maajid Nawaz

Let that man be a Bosnian, Herzegovinian. Outside they don't call you by another name, except simply a Bosnian. Whether that be a Muslim (Bosniak), Serb or Croat. Everyone can be what they feel that they are, and no one has a right to force a nationality upon them.

— Josip Broz Tito

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