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Books Of Movie Quotes

Books are good, and I read my share, and TVs okay if youre stuck in a motel room during a rainstorm, but for Jamie Morton, there was nothing like a movie up there on the big screen.
— Stephen King —

They're sending us fake notes. They're threatening our lives. Now, supposedly the of us, as Disney Hosts, represent some serious financials for the company. Why else would they install us on your ship? Give us a free cruise? We make them money: as guides, with merchandise, video games, books."
"We're waiting for the movie," Finn added.

— Ridley Pearson

I started looking into horse history books and came across the actual story of this half-breed endurance horseman and his painted mustang Hidalgo. I wasn't really sure if I was going to do the movie at that point.

— John Fusco

Doing a movie of one of the Raksura books would involve a lot of CGI, but I have thought about who I'd like to play the characters. Some of them I just can't pin down to a specific actor, and I keep revising my mental list.

— Martha Wells

I read the 'Twilight' books before the movie and the whole craze happened. And then I loved it. I was in love with Edward before every other girl that says she's in love with him was. Because I read them a long time ago shooting a movie in Salt Lake City, and one of Stephenie Meyer's friends said, 'Make sure you read my friend's book.'

— Nina Dobrev

The fancy things I like are sheets. Pots and pans. And the things I really like aren't fancy at all: old aprons and hankies. Butter wrappers from one pound blocks. Peony bushes, hardback books of poetry. And I like things less than that; the sticky remains at the bottom of the apple crisp dish. The way cats sometimes run sideways. The presence of a rainbow in a puddle of oil. Mayonaise jars. Pussy willows. Wash on a line. The tick-tock of clocks, the blue of the neon sign at the local movie house. The fact that there is a local movie house.

— Elizabeth Berg

Writers are so used to books being optioned and then the movie never happens.

— David Mitchell

I can see why you like it here," he said,making a sweeping gesture that encompassed Kyle's collection of movie posters and science fiction books. "There's a thin layer of nerd all over everything." said Jace.
"Thanks. I appreciate that." Simon gave Jace a hard look.

— Cassandra Clare

There are so many elements and nuances from the books that are very hard to tell in the length of a movie.

— Jade Hassoune

A lot of times, identifying with a character in a book or a movie makes me feel really vulnerable. Especially in books, it's like being able to see an amplified version of yourself, and it's very surreal.

— Haley Pullos

I directed the first "Twilight" movie. It was in my contract that I could have gone on to do the other films, but I didn't feel as connected to the other books.

— Catherine Hardwicke

It's tricky turning a book into a movie. Sometimes people love the book so much that no adaptation lives up to what they imagined. You can avoid that disappointment by never, ever reading books.

— Craig Ferguson

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