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Bold Quotes

I love a red lip - its such a powerful statement. It exudes confidence and makes for a bold look.
— Prabal Gurung —

No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess.

— Isaac Newton

So I'll be bold, as well as strong, and use my head alongside my heart.

— Mumford & Sons

Perfume was first created to mask the stench of foul and offensive odors ...
Spices and bold flavorings were created to mask the taste of putrid and rotting meat ...
What then was music created for?
Was it to drown out the voices of others, or the voices within ourselves?
I think I know.

— Emilie Autumn

Loeanneth, so greedy and bold. She wondered

— Kate Morton

This was the hospital where they'd first met, when Lucia was so young and lovely, innocent and saucy in the same breath. Here she had loved him instantly and completely. Though she was too young for Daniel to show he loved her back, he had never discouraged her affection. She used to slip her hand inside his when they strolled under the orange trees on the Piazza della Repubblica, but when he squeezed her hand,she would blush. It always made him laugh, the way she could be so bold, then suddenly turn shy. She used to tell him that she wanted to marry him one day.

— Lauren Kate

I don't see why a maid should take a husband when she's bold enough to fight her own battles,

— Thomas Hardy

In my mind, I am bold and forthright, but what comes out always seems to be so meek and polite.

— Gayle Forman

I had come out of a messy workplace along a messy street to a messy room and did not like it and within me was the beer that made me bold.

— Sherwood Anderson

And who was ever bold enough to do nothing because every action is senseless in infinity?

— Emil Cioran

At a time when we aim to accelerate our efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and define a bold agenda for the period beyond 2015, the role of charity can and should grow. U.N. bodies such as the U.N. Volunteers Programme and UNICEF offer venues for people across the world to get involved.

— Ban Ki-moon

I had to hold my head up high and put a bold face on things, but the thoughts keep coming anyways.

— Anne Frank

You'd have to be a bold man to bet your life on what I'd dare. How bold are you? -Sand dan Glokta

— Joe Abercrombie

I know not by what power I'm made bold.

— William Shakespeare

Empower me to be a bold participant, rather than a timid saint in waiting, in the difficult ordinariness of now; to exercise the authority of honesty, rather than to defer to power, or deceive to get it; to influence someone for justice, rather than impress anyone for gain and, by grace, to find treasures of joy, of friendship, of peace hidden in the fields of the daily you give me to plow.

— Ted Loder

I love a red lip - it's such a powerful statement. It exudes confidence and makes for a bold look.

— Prabal Gurung

Being, be bold and venture to be wise.

— Horace

The american dream wasn't meant for me, cause lady liberty's a hypocrite she lied to me, promised me freedom,education, and equality never gave me nothing but slavery but now look at how dangerous you made me callin me a mad man because im strong and bold.

— Tupac Shakur

The world is changing from day to day; it is high time for our writers to take off their masks, look frankly, keenly, and boldly at life, and write about real flesh and blood. It is high time for a brand-new arena for literature, high time for some bold fighters to charge headlong into battle!

— Lu Xun

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