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Blind Date Quotes

You know, Im not sure I ever even had a blind date!
— Peter Farrelly —

Now anyone who has ever been on a blind date is well familiar with "The Moment"-that moment where you first walk into the bar or restaurant or coffee shop and scan the crowd and suddenly your heart stops and you say to yourself: oh, please-let it be him.

— Julie James

Hey hey, I know!" said Dad excitedly. "Let's fix them up on a blind date! Can you imagine? Miss Butt, meet Mr. Tushman. Mr. Tushman, here's Miss Butt. They could get married and have a bunch of little Tushies.

— R.J. Palacio

I went to an all-girls' school with 43 people in my class, so dances were small. I always went with girlfriends or a blind date.

— Shantel VanSanten

I've written with people who aren't like me, then I've written with people who totally get it. It's like a blind date, and you never know what's going to happen. But it's really cool because they learn from you, and you learn a little bit from them. And sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn't.

— Phillip Phillips

My stepdad is Bruce Jenner, the Olympian. The first time he came over was like a blind date, and we had show and tell. He took out the gold medal for me and my sisters, and we were like, 'So? Who the hell are you?'

— Kourtney Kardashian

Cowriting is very personal. A great song is an honest song, so you have to be able to open up to the person in the room. It's like a blind date. I know in the first five minutes if it's gonna be weird.

— Liz Rose

Eating at a new, highly recommended restaurant is like a Very Important Blind Date, a contract with uncertainty you enter into with great expectation battling the cynicism of experience. You sit waiting, wondering about the upcoming moments of revelation. Somewhere in the back of your head is the dour warning that disappointment is inevitable but you don't really believe it or you wouldn't be there. The best eaters are always optimists.

— Stuart Stevens

I let a friend set me up on a blind date. It was a disaster. She ended up being a burn victim. By the end of the night.

— Anthony Jeselnik

What would the world be like if people said whatever they were thinking, all the time, whenever it came to them? How long would a blind date last? About 13 seconds, I think. Oh, sorry, your rear end is too big. That's ok, your breath stinks anyway. See you later.

— Jerry Seinfeld

The world looks a totally different place after two wins. I can even enjoy watching Blind Date or laugh at Noel's House Party.

— Gordon Strachan

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