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Big Sigh Quotes

After a while he looked around the cage. No blanket. No food. No bunny. He heaved a big sigh and pushed at the door of the cage. When the lock sprang open, he walked out.
— Thea Harrison —

Ryn looks sideways at me and raises an eyebrow,"It's big enough for two."
-"You're joking right?Why don't you pretend to be a gentleman and give me the bed?"
He laughs. "Now you're joking."
-"Of course." I sigh. "I have nothing but the lowest of expectations when it comes to you, Ryn."
-"And I shall continue to live down to them.

— Rachel Morgan

There is beautiful you are."
"No," said Marged, between a sigh and a sob.
"Yes," said Owen.
"No," said Marged, not so certain.
"Behold," Owen said, from Solomon. "thou art fair. Thou hast dove's eyes."
"Dove's eyes are small." Marged said.
"Yours are so big they are my whole world," said Owen.

— Richard Llewellyn

Diesel was about to place the cockroach on the casket, and my purse rocked out with "Thriller" again.
"Excuse me," I said. And I answered my phone.
"I'm beginning to appreciate Hatchet," Wulf said to Diesel.
Diesel smiled. "She has her moments. And she makes cupcakes."
I disconnected and stuffed my phone into my pocket.
"Well?" Diesel asked.
"It was Glo. Her broom ran away again."
"I would appreciate it if we could get on with this without more interruption," Wulf said in his eerily quiet voice, his eyes riveted on mine.
"Lighten up," I said to Wulf. "Glo lost her broom again. This is a big deal for her. And what have we got here anyway ... a dead guy and a Stone. Do you think they can wait for three minutes longer?"
Diesel gave a bark of laughter, and Wulf looked like her was trying hard not to sigh.
- Diesel, Lizzy, and Wulf, page 306-307.

— Janet Evanovich

Thomas A. Edison was once reluctantly persuaded by his wife to attend one of the big social functions of the season in New York. At last the inventor managed to escape the crowd of people vying for his attention, and sat alone unnoticed in a corner. Edison kept looking at his watch with a resigned expression on his face. A friend edged near to him unnoticed and heard the inventor mutter to himself with a sigh, "If there were only a dog here!"

— Edmund Fuller

In 1978 I decided not to work with Man Ray as an act of self-discipline. I didn't want to rely on him. Man Ray hated not working, though. He would come into my studio, see me drawing or working on photographs, and just slump down at my feet with a big sigh. Fortunately for both of us the year ended. Polaroid had invented a new camera, the twenty-by-twenty-four, and I was invited to Cambridge, Mass., to experiment with it. Naturally, I took Man Ray and we were working again.

— William Wegman

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