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Better Than Everybody Quotes

Do you know what its like going through life being better than everybody? Its hard.
— CM Punk —

I was a big dreamer and never particularly good at anything
a real dilemma. I wasn't terrible. I was just ... okay. If you're terrible, you can write everybody off, like, "I don't know what the hell those idiots are doing?" I knew what those idiots were doing. And I knew that they did it better than me.

— Mike Birbiglia

It is a difficult question, my friends, for any young man
that question I had to grapple with, and which thousands are weighing at the present moment in these uprising times
whether to follow uncritically the track he finds himself in, without considering his aptness for it, or to consider what his aptness or bent may be, and re-shape his course accordingly. I tried to do the latter, and I failed. But I don't admit that my failure proved my view to be a wrong one, or that my success would have made it a right one; though that's how we appraise such attempts nowadays
I mean, not by their essential soundness, but by their accidental outcomes. If I had ended by becoming like one of these gentlemen in red and black that we saw dropping in here by now, everybody would have said: 'See how wise that young man was, to follow the bent of his nature!' But having ended no better than I began they say: 'See what a fool that fellow was in following a freak of his fancy!

— Thomas Hardy

There just needs to be a gay rapper. He doesn't have to be flamboyant, just a rapper who identifies as gay - who's better than everybody. Unfortunately hip-hop is so competitive that in order for fringe groups to get in, you gotta be better than whoever's the best.

— Talib Kweli

Go out and face the world secure in the knowledge that everybody else thinks they are better looking than they are as well.

— Terry Wogan

Celebrity doesn't have anything to do with art or craft. It's about being rich and thinking that you're better than everybody else.

— Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Everybody on this island has one ambition, which may be summed up very simply. It is to do something, however small it may be, better than anyone else. Of course, it's an ideal we don't all achieve. But in this modern world the great thing is to have an ideal. Achieving it is considerably less important.

— Arthur C. Clarke

What is with those Wakefield women that makes them think they're better than everybody?' Ken asked.

— Francine Pascal

I don't know how perfect everybody is going to be in Heaven, but anyhow, certainly a lot better than here!

— David Berg

I have no notions of a perfect society, I don't know what that means. I know we can do much better than what we've got, I'm no utopian, I'm not a humanist that would like to see everybody living in warmth and harmony: I know that if we don't live that way, we'll kill each other and destroy the Earth.

— Jacque Fresco

Showing off is what you do when your are simply better than everybody else.

— Dolph Ziggler

I think actors, they maybe want more approval than I'm used to giving. Everybody does. Everybody needs a hug you know, all the time. I'm not very good at that. I could get better at that.

— Timothy Miller

Do you know what it's like going through life being better than everybody? It's hard.

— CM Punk

Its just as disappointing as it was thrilling to win the Masters. To come very close, to play so hard for 72 holes and play better than everybody but one guy is disappointing.

— Phil Mickelson

I think we have more good players today [2016] than we've ever had in the game of golf. And I think that's saying a lot because we had a lot of good players when I played. I think you had a bit of a lag in there for a while, that Tiger was just so much better than everybody else that he really didn't put anybody in with him.

— Jack Nicklaus

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