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Best Venom Quotes

I wanted to tell Ren the truth. I wanted to say that he was the best friend Id ever had. That I was sorry about the way I had treated him. I wanted to tell him ... that I loved him. But I couldnt say anything. My throat was closed up, probably swollen from snake venom. All I could do was look at him as he knelt over me. Thats okay. Looking at his gorgeous face one last time is enough for me. Ill die a happy woman. I was so tired. My eyelids were too heavy to keep open. I closed my eyes and waited for death to come. Ren cleared a space and sat down near me. Pillowing my head on his arm, he pulled me onto his lap and into his arms. I smiled. Even better. I cant open my eyes to see him anymore, but I can feel his arms around me. My warrior angel can carry me in his arms up to heaven. He squeezed my closer to his body and whispered something in my ear that I couldnt make out. Then darkness overtook me.
— Colleen Houck —

Let me tell you what I think about your fucking rules," he said, his voice dripping with venom as he pushed past Liam. "You sit up in your room and you pretend like you want what's best for everyone, but you don't do any of the work yourself. I can't tell if you're just a spoiled little shit, or if you're too worried about getting your pretty princess hands dirty, but it sucks. You are fucking awful, and you sure as hell don't have me fooled ... You talk about us all being equals, like we're one big rainbow of peace and all that bullshit, but you never once believed that yourself, did you? You won't let anyone contact their parents, and you don't care about the kids that are still trapped in camps your father set up. You wouldn't even listen when the Watch kids brought it up. So what I want to know is, why can't we leave? ... What's the point of this place, other than for you to get off on how great you are and toy with people and their feelings?

— Alexandra Bracken

Venom first made his appearance some years ago in a Spider-Man book, and was a huge best-seller.

— Peter Milligan

Venom were the first thrash band i heard on record-it really pushed me to the best!

— Kerry King

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