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Best Relate Quotes

I usually cast myself in things because acting is how I best relate to artistic impulses. Its what Ive wanted to do since I was a child, so a scene usually plays itself out in my head with me performing it. And if I cast myself thats one less person I have to pay, one less person I have to explain my vision to, one less person I have to worry about.
— Amber Sealey —

Some of the greatest stories ever told are about the everyday mundane experiences that we can all relate to. Reading isn't always about escaping to faraway lands, the best books are the ones that resonate on an emotional level. The author and reader are connected by a tin-can string of words across thousands of miles and hundreds of centuries.

— Adriane Leigh

The best music for her was always the stuff you could relate to, the stuff that spoke directly to you and twisted and knotted itself so far into your life you couldn't tell where art ended and reality began.

— Stephen Emond

The best way to love your children is to love their mother [father]. That's true. The quality of your marriage greatly affects the way you relate to your children-and the way they receive love. If your marriage is healthy-both partners treating each other with kindness, respect, and integrity-you and your spouse will feel and act as partners in parenting.

— Gary Chapman

One of the best things you can relate to is a detailed story.

— Lisi Harrison

We all do that thing which is the best in movies - we relate.

— Kurt Russell

Pippin chooses love and finds a greater sense of himself at the end of all the madness. I relate to him in many ways. I have been through stuff, thought I knew best, and often been proven wrong.

— Matthew James Thomas

Unfortunately, man, a lot of places in America have to deal with unnecessary violence. Somebody like me who knows it firsthand and could relate ... I had a best friend killed, plenty other friends killed. I been through it. I seen it.

— Nas

I seem to be able to disassociate my insecurities. I know a lot of actors - some of the best actors in the world - can't bear to watch themselves and I have to say I can't relate to that.

— David Oyelowo

Very often the characters people respond best to have little parts of reality they can relate to.

— Sara Sheridan

I don't want to play everyone's best friend. I don't want to play the role of a girl struggling in the ghetto. It's not that that story isn't important, but I saw patterns, and was like, 'I don't relate to these people.'

— Zoe Kravitz

I think musicians are perfect at knowing how to get the best out of other musicians. I can really relate to that communion.

— Adria Petty

No one is alone in their troubles; there is always someone else thinking, rejoicing, or suffering in the same way, and that gives us the stregnth to confront the challenge before us.
Does that include suffering for love?
It includes everything. If there is suffering, then it is best to accept it, because it won't go away because you pretend it is not there. If there is joy, then it is best to accept that too, even though you are afraid it might end some day. Some people can only relate to life through sacrifice and renunciation. Some people only feel part of humanity when they think they are happy.
I'm in love and I'm afraid of suffering.
Dont be afraid. The only way to avoid that suffereing is to refuse love.

— Paulo Coelho

Die Hard represents the class of modern action pictures and the standard by which they must be judged. Few films falling into the "mindless entertainment" genre have as much going for them as this movie. Not only is it a thrill-a-minute ride, but it has one of the best film villains in recent memory, a hero everyone can relate to, dialogue that crackles with wit, and a lot of very impressive pyrotechnics.

— James Berardinelli

Education must prepare students to be independent, self-reliant human beings. But education, at its best, also must help students go beyond their private interests, gain a more integrative view of knowledge, and relate their learning to the realities of life.

— Ernest L. Boyer

When I saw Elvis on television, I just fell in love with him completely. As a singer, I want to be able to relate to an audience like this man does. Of course, nobody can - he was the best there ever was.

— Faith Hill

I think the best thing about music is that someone could be writing a song that's so personal, and it tells so many other people's story at the same time. It kind of exemplifies that we are all kind of on the same wave[length] - it's amazing how comforting somebody else's story can be, because we have experienced their story in some way or another, and I can totally relate, and I get to feel that feeling and the expression of that emotion. I get to feel like as a listener, that somebody understands me, which is pretty incredible.

— Theresa Wayman

I talk specifically to the lifestyle and those who can relate to it. And I feel like, where the creativity comes in, is where you draw the parallels that everybody can relate to. That's where it's creative for me. I feel like it works best that way.

— Pusha T

There's really no "bad" people; there's just humans who are doing the best they can to figure life out. It's hard! We can all relate to that.

— Sara Bareilles

I'm just doing what I do best and that's what makes good music, and that's how you can relate to people.

— Snoop Dogg

I think that the best way you can get honesty across in your music to connect and relate to people is to be motivated by personal emotions, stories and feelings.

— Christina Aguilera

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