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Being Compared To His Ex Quotes

Being compared to him [Ron Francis] is pretty cool for me, but I know I am a long way away. I feel really comfortable at center, being able to roam the ice and do your thing.
— Eric Staal —

But love? True love? As wretched as loneliness could be, it was nothing compared to the pain of betrayal. He'd seen with his own eyes what "love" did to a person-how it built hopes that were rarely, if ever, realized. Falling in love meant being weak, vulnerable to the whims of another.

— Karen Hawkins

I think everyone's a little afraid of being part of a trend, because you get compared to each other. Writers tend to have a lot of camaraderie, and when you're constantly compared to someone else, it kind of damages that camaraderie, but I think this is a great trend. I'm honored to be a part of it in many ways.

— Veronica Roth

There are people out there with three jobs and small children. Being an actor is a walk in the park compared to working as a cleaner overnight. I'm lucky I'm not plucking chickens.

— Anne-Marie Duff

One of the things about the '70s films I love - the films 'Nightcrawler' is being compared to, like, 'Taxi Driver' - is that they never put their flawed characters into any one box.

— Dan Gilroy

As far as they're conserned, I've been kind of a poor second best all my life, or I don't qualify at all compared to my brother. It's rough being around them and feeling like you never measure up. Collin

— Danielle Steel

Gordon Way's astonishment at being suddenly shot dead was nothing compared to his astonishment at what happened next.

— Douglas Adams

That, when they shall be opened, black Macbeth Will seem as pure as snow, and the poor state (55) Esteem him as a lamb, being compared With my confineless harms.

— William Shakespeare

With each success the ability to change is reduced. My longtime friend and coach Grandmaster Yuri Dokhoian, aptly compared it to being dipped in bronze. Each victory added another coat.

— Garry Kasparov

Did it ever strike you that goodness is not merely a beautiful thing, but by far the most beautiful thing in the whole world? So that nothing is to be compared for value with goodness; that riches, honor, power, pleasure, learning, the whole world and all in it, are not worth having in comparison with being good; and the utterly best thing for a person is to be good, even though they were never to be rewarded for it.

— Charles Kingsley

I claim that many patterns of Nature are so irregular and fragmented, that, compared with Euclid-a term used in this work to denote all of standard geometry-Nature exhibits not simply a higher degree but an altogether different level of complexity ... The existence of these patterns challenges us to study these forms that Euclid leaves aside as being "formless," to investigate the morphology of the "amorphous."

— Benoit Mandelbrot

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