Baby I Will Always Love You Quotes

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Baby I Will Always Love You Quotes

I cant be with you. I love Brandon; Im sorry." No! "Baby, dont say that. I will fight for you, I will. Please just give us a shot." "A part of me will probably always love you, too, but I cant take chances with you, Chase. Youll leave me one day, and it will kill me when you do." "Wha—No! I wouldnt, I swear I wouldnt.
— Molly McAdams —

There is a certain kind of man who is forever searching. He wanders from place to place, he looks hard into the eyes of women and men in every town, maybe he scratches the earth or wields a gun, remedies illnesses or writes books, and there is always a vague emptiness within him. It is the emptiness that drives him and he does not know even how to name that thing that might fill it. No idea of home or love or peace comes to him. He does not know, so he cannot stop. On and on he moves. and the emptiness blinds him and pulls at him and he is like a newborn baby searching for the teat, knowing it is there, but where?
And sometimes such a man is handed a gift. A gift of direction. A path that is marked for him and there, yes, this will ease your suffering, it is sure. This will cure you, it will fill you up, at least for a time. There will be a home, and love, there will no longer be the sorrow when you look at a cold night sky, the sorrow as the sun rises and the mist burns away.

— Tara Conklin

Make sure to tell our baby that his father loves him every day of his life, just like I will always love you every single day.

— E.L. Montes

You do know baby. You're just scared and that's okay. But don't throw away your
chance for happiness because you're afraid to take the leap or because you know someone ends up hurt. No matter what you choose, someone
was always going to end up heartbroken. But if there's a chance two hearts can be blissfully happy together in love, then that's worth the broken heart of one. They will mend. They will find love again and be happy. But if you do this, let them both walk away, the only heart that will break and
stay broken is yours baby.

— Marie Coulson

You tend to write as you get older about family love more than you write about romantic love or ooh baby ... The stuff that you want to celebrate about humanity has always been there and probably always will be.

— David Crosby

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