Baby First Steps Quotes

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Baby First Steps Quotes

Twenty-eight years ago, I created my first game on an Apple II in my bedroom closet at a time when the interactive entertainment industry was taking its first baby steps. Today the games business has grown to a multi-billion dollar industry and we are just at the tip of the iceberg. Im thrilled to have been a part of this successful journey and Im extremely honored by the Academys Hall of Fame induction.
— Richard Garriott —

You know that euphemism, she's expecting? It's apt. The birth of a baby, so long as it's healthy, is something to look forward to. It's a good thing, a big, good, huge event. And from thereon in, every good things, too," I added hurriedly, "but also, you know, first steps, first dates, first places in sack races. Kids, they graduate, they marry, they have kids themselves- in a way, you get to do everything twice. Even if our kid had problems," I supposed idiotically, "at least they wouldn't be our same old problems ... " (22)

— Lionel Shriver

Going to Mars is a bunch of baby steps, and it started off with the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin.

— Scott Kelly

I've been in the shallow end of a pool, just kind of walking around, but this was my first time really swimming - and I was horrified! I actually lost it whenever I saw the edge of the pool. But I took baby steps and rewarded myself every step of the way.

— Monique Coleman

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