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B.s. Quotes

I dont believe anything I write or say. I regard belief as a form of brain damage, the death of intelligence, the fracture of creativity, the atrophy of imagination. I have opinions but no Belief System (B.S.)
— Robert Anton Wilson —

A tour was being planned so we could conquer America, just like The Beatles had. All we had to do was sign on that little piece of paper you see on Mr. B.S.'s desk. We signed it in blue ink from a fountain pen-but had we known whom we were dealing with we would have pricked ourselves and used blood.

— Diane Rinella

I mean it. I know Stacy thinks just because you're shy, she can step all over you, but that's B.S.

— Danielle Joseph

My influences have been what I call my four Bs - the primary one being the blues, then Borges, Baraka, and Bearden.

— August Wilson

It's a staggering transition for high school students that found they could study five hours a week and make As and Bs.

— John W. Gardner

That crossover of whether it's entertainment or news is the biggest crock of b.s. in television today, because it's all entertainment.

— Vince McMahon

There's more B.S. in fly fishing than there is in a Kansas feedlot.

— Lefty Kreh

There's a lot of downsides to social media, but one of the nice things is that you can cut through all the BS and go straight to the person and ask them directly. I think that's a wonderful thing. I love talking to people who are true fans or who have a true love of cinema, and so if I can talk to them directly, great.

— Andrew Stanton

Yes, virus companies are playing on your fears to try to sell you bs protection software for Android, RIM and IOS. They are charlatans and scammers. IF you work for a company selling virus protection for android, rim or IOS you should be ashamed of yourself.

— Chris DiBona

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Hucka-BS is attacking actress Natalie Portman for getting pregnant without being married. It could get a little awkward if he runs into Sarah and Bristol Palin at Fox News.

— Jay Leno

Writer's block is a phony, made up, BS excuse for not doing your work.

— Jerry Seinfeld

BS is just what it stands for, an MS is More of the Same, and a PhD is Piled Higher and Deeper.

— Bobby Knight

You cannot underestimate the sharpness of people's BS radar. They can spot a soulless, bureaucratic tactic a million miles away.

— Gary Vaynerchuk

All B.S. aside, it all comes down to ... we got to survive. I mean, even warriors put their spears down on Sundays. We got to survive here in this country ... 'cause I'm not going back to Africa. We got to survive here. And for us to survive here-White folks, Black folks, Korean folks, Mexican folks, Puerto Ricans-we got to understand each other.

— Tupac Shakur

Belief Systems contradict both science and ordinary "common sense." B.S. contradicts science, because it claims certitude and science can never achieve certitude: it can only say, "This model"- or theory, or interpretation of the data- "fits more of the facts known at this date than any rival model." We can never know if the model will fit the facts that might come to light in the next millennium or even in the next week.

— Robert Anton Wilson

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