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Aston Quotes

All I do know is that Ill never be able to achieve what Tommy Docherty did, and that is take Aston Villa into the third division and Manchester United into the second division
— Ron Atkinson —

Beta Males make excellent spies. Not the "James Bond, Aston Martin with missiles, boning the beautiful Russian rocket scientist on an ermineskin bedspread" sort of spy-more the "bad comb-over, deep-cover bureaucrat fishing coffee-sodden documents out of a Dumpster" spy.

— Christopher Moore

Parallel worlds, right?" Aston nodded. "Our sci-fi writers love 'em." "They still do back home," Ludmilla assured him.

— David Weber

We're out in the open. Dave is at the top of the track, playing guard. I'm blindfolded by my own top, and Jake is about to make love to me on his sexy Aston Martin with "Pour Some Sugar on Me" playing in the background.
Could he be any fucking hotter?

— Samantha Towle

Keeping a consistent band going is a bit like getting the Aston Martin out the garage - you have to run it every now and then!

— Colin Salmon

Aston Villa have literally metaphorically had their pants pulled down

— Dion Dublin

The Aston Martin is a beautiful car. It's a work of art, I love the interior and the style of the car.

— Adam Carolla

Hey Deion, Bubbelah - maybe you'd better pay a little less attention to those unfairly Draconian salary caps that only allowed you to acquire four of the five remaining 1932 Aston Martins still in road-worthy condition after you'd paid for life's little necessities like hookers and weed, get your medulla oblongata out of your duodenum for a few milliseconds, and make a tackle or two, okay, Babe?

— Dennis Miller

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