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Always Have Family Quotes

Why do these big old country houses always have family portraits in the dining room? Do you really want to eat with someones gloomy great-grandfather looking down on you?
— Elizabeth Jane Howard —

Financial security is crucial for your family, and I have a large family. Money does matter when you don't have it. When you need it, you realise the value of it. In that sense, money will always have value.

— Katrina Kaif

I've covered a lot of ground geographically and emotionally and for years I lost my connection with my family. But the best comfort you can have, whether you are on the phone or sitting there in the living room with them, is with your parents, and to me family has always meant protection. When you smile you get a smile back, unconditionally.

— Brigitte Nielsen

I was fortunate enough to have my kids early, so being a mom always ended up being a better gig than these other parts that came along. So I always justified not really working a lot because I had a family.

— Heather Langenkamp

My family and friends treat me as they always have.

— Daniel Craig

I was going to make movies. I was the one in the family who was always rolling the video camera, making movies of my brothers around town, and then screening them for my parents. I still would love to make movies someday ... that's something that really means a lot to me, and I know I'll have the chance to do it one day.

— Joe Jonas

In this family, we always celebrate each other's birthdays. I don't care if you're four or fourteen or forty and scattered around the world. We gotta stick by each other, okay? And meals- as long as you live under the same roof, you have at least one meal a day together. I don't care if it's a dreaded hot dog in front of the dastardly TV as long as you're all there. -Maeve Bennett

— James Patterson

Family and friends aren't always ready to make the journey when you are, and you just have to keep plowing along whether they have confidence in you or not. That can be very lonely.

— Anne Bancroft

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