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Alphabet H Quotes

I often think flowers are the angels alphabet whereby they write on hills and fields mysterious and beautiful lessons for us to feel and learn.
— Louisa May Alcott —

The first book ever written in an alphabet was the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament. And the most important passage was the Ten Commandments. The first commandment is the most revolutionary sentence ever written. It states: "I am the Lord thy God there is no other." The second prohibits us from making images. Thus, there is a profound rejection of any goddess influence and a ban of representative art.

— Leonard Shlain

If Plan A Doesn't Work, Don't Worry and Don't Stay Stuck In The Mud. Just Move On Because God Knows There's 25 Letters Left In The Alphabet & There's Always Numbers Too ;)

— Timothy Pina

I had to learn that slower is faster. If you practice every day with patience and correctness, you will get there. It's like preparing for a jump. You can't rush. You must summon the appropriate energy with split-second timing and have an understanding of purpose to get up in the air. It requires training, confidence and mental effort. You can't have a vocabulary without the alphabet. Balanchine used to say, "Do you want to be a poet of gesture or do you want to be a physical entity?"

— Edward Villella

Your Remedy is within you, but you do not sense it.
Your Sickness is from you, but you do not perceive it.
You Presume you are a small entity,
But within you is enfolded the entire universe.
You are indeed the evident book,
By whose alphabet the hidden becomes the manifest.
Therefore, you have no need to look beyond yourself,
What you seek is within you, if only you reflect.

— Ali Ibn Abi Talib

The policy of letting the child 'do what he likes' is an insidious one, since the children are encouraged to continue always at their original superficial level, without receiving guidance in study. Furthermore, the 'three Rs,' the fundamental tools, are neglected as long as possible, with the result that the child's chance to develop his mind is greatly retarded. The policy of teaching words via pictures instead of by the alphabet tends to deprive the young child of the greatest reasoning tool of all.

— Murray Rothbard

After sex, after coffee, after everything there is to be said
The hovering and beautiful alphabet as we form our first words after making love.
And somehow I'm still alive.

— Carole Maso

X, n. In our alphabet being a needless letter has an added invincibility to the attacks of the spelling reformers, and like them, will doubtless last as long as the language.

— Ambrose Bierce

The alphabet was a great invention, which enabled men to store and to learn with little effort what others had learned the hard way-that is, to learn from books rather than from direct, possibly painful, contact with the real world.

— B.F. Skinner

Human society, the world, and the whole of mankind is to be found in the alphabet.

— Victor Hugo

The alphabet of ahimsa is best learnt in domestic school and I can say from experience that if we secure success there, we are sure to do so everywhere else.

— Mahatma Gandhi

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