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Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny have created an important political radio show that balances humor and unreported news. At a time when media conglomerates dominate the airwaves, independent media like Citizen Radio is vital to national discourse.
— Noam Chomsky —

With his revelation, ... I shattered into a million shards. I felt each piece as it splintered and separated from the whole like a glass I had broken the day before. Debris flew everywhere. It left me without any option but to pick each broken piece up, analyze it, and find out where it belonged. I had to find out where I belonged.
Allison La Crosse - Warriors of the Cross

— T.R. Graves

A blush reddened Steph's face as she turned to DI Allison, who

— Caroline Mitchell

Dont panic, Allison," soothed a low, quiet voice, stopping me from doing just that. I jerked my gaze to the door ... and there he was, standing beside the frame, watching me. "I'm right here.

— Julie Kagawa

We all have regrets, Allison," he said, his voice unbearably gentle. "We all have succumbed to the darkness and the monster. There is not one vampire in the world who has not. Even James has points in his past he would change, if he could. The important thing is that you do not let these points define you. James gave up fighting it long ago. For you and I, it is a constant uphill battle not to give in, not to become that demon, and it will be that way for eternity. I will not lie and tell you it gets any easier.

— Julie Kagawa

This couldn't be ... did women really ... ? She must be wearing it wrong, because good God in heaven! It was horrible! Was the little string supposed to ... She took it off, went to her laptop and Google searched "how to wear a thong." No, she hadn't put it on wrong. She tried again. Ow. Fantastic. This was just a twenty-five dollar version of a severe wedgie. She picked up her phone and called Allison. "Hey, Allison, I-" "You'll get used to it," Allison said

— Kristan Higgins

Shadowing is really a great way to learn how the entire TV-making mechanism works. I had the distinct pleasure of shadowing the gifted and talented Allison Anders, who taught me a great deal about the importance of collaboration and trusting the talent around you.

— Ian Anthony Dale

In 1941 I finished at Allison Intermediate School (grades 7-9), and started at North High School, commuting by bicycle about 5 miles from home to school.

— Vernon L. Smith

Dad pressed against my mind. Please, Allison. Let me, just this once, hold my son.
I shouldn't. Nothing good ever came from letting my father have his way. But I could feel his love for this baby. And even if he couldn't love me, I knew that at this moment, before the baby could grow up and become a disappointment to him, he truly loved him.
I slowly stepped away from the front of my mind, letting him fill that space, letting him feel through my hands, see through my eyes.
"He's amazing," Dad said through me. "You're amazing." He looked up at Violet, and she smiled.

— Devon Monk

When we got to the marina we saw this beautiful boat named Tara waiting for us. Fredo, Carin, Ryan, Dan, Kenny, Allison, my mom, and me were all together to enjoy that extraordinary day. As the boat pulled away from the city, its skyline vanished into the horizon. The captain took us to this area where we sailed through caves and lush hilly landscapes. All of a sudden, the captain pushed the throttle all the way down and we started bombing across the water like we were in a James Bond movie. Everyone's hair was blowing all over the place, especially the girls'. Of course, mine was perfect (ha,ha), but theirs ended up looking like the worst case of bed head I've seen! It was so funny.

— Justin Bieber

Slowly, Cade turned to face her. "Why?" She lifted her hand and saw the blood on her fingertips. "Because you couldn't die for me." He stalked toward her. "I wouldn't have."  Well, that seemed harsh. She'd saved his butt. Didn't that count for anything in his mind? His nostrils flared.  "Wolves like the scent of blood." So did vampires.  He was almost upon her now, and she could see the sharp edge of his canines.  "It usually makes us want to attack," he said in that lethal voice of his. Allison barely managed to swallow the lump in her throat as she looked up at him. Don't attack.  Down, wolf. Down.

— Cynthia Eden

Mose Allison is a beautiful musician.

— Willie Dixon

I don't know how (producer) Dan Harmon put that together but he did. Everyone gets along and we all babysit Chevy Chase (laughs) and it all works out. Plus we are given a lot of freedom to riff off each other and compliment each other's comedic style. The group is so talented, whether it be Donald Glover or Allison Brie and now Jim Rash who plays the Dean is finally a full member of the cast - oh my gosh, he is so funny. I call him Rumplestiltskin; he can spin comedy out of anything. I am in such a blessed situation - if only more people would watch it.

— Joel McHale

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