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Accuse Quotes

I choose goodness ... I will go without a dollar before I take a dishonest one. I will be overlooked before I will boast. I will confess before I will accuse. I choose goodness.
— Max Lucado —

People can accuse you of anything but that isn't who you are. It means nothing. Accusations don't make a person, actions do. Make sure your actions show the real you to the world.

— Shelley K. Wall

Rosalie had never been one to question or accuse, just to forgive
but I guess everyone had their limits when it came to tolerance levels, and I'd crossed the line.

— Embee

At this stage in your experience, lay hold of the truth that God loves you, and don't let anybody steal it away from you. Circumstances may assail you; Satan may accuse you; your Christian friends may even abandon you, but God loves you just as much as He did when He gave Jesus to die for you on the cross. Your circumstances have changed, and your feelings have changed, but God's love has not changed. When you experience the love of God in your heart, then your faith will grow stronger, and you will be able to give thanks.

— Warren W. Wiersbe

Don't accuse me of being morbid when I'm merely the product of a culture that buries the bones of the ones they love in pretty, manicured flower gardens so they can keep them nearby and go talk to them whenever they feel troubled or depressed. That's morbid. Not to mention bizarre. Dogs bury bones, too.

— Karen Marie Moning

Lots of women love to accuse men of being immature when the fellow in question displays a reluctance to 'commit.'

— Julie Burchill

America has to act. But, when America acts, other nations accuse us of being 'hegemonistic', of engaging in 'unilateralism', of behaving as if we're the only nation on earth that counts. We are.

— P. J. O'Rourke

It's a bit unfair to accuse Obama of dividing the nation when the facts show that it already is.

— Ron Fournier

Sa'Adar's eyes went wide. "You're mad."
"Scarcely. Why do people always accuse me of that when I'm arranging things to my liking instead of theirs?

— Robin Hobb

The best criticism is the sort that tells you what you already know but had been reluctant to accuse yourself of.

— J. D. McClatchy

It is the devil's masterstroke to get us to accuse him

— George Meredith

I've always tried to be what I call militantly nonviolent. I don't believe that anyone could seriously accuse me of not being totally committed to the breakdown of segregation.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Accuse American businessmen of being responsible for radicalism and they would indignantly deny the accusation. Yet, in one fundamental sense, they are responsible. They are responsible in the sense that they have utterly neglected to take part in the work and the organization which precede the choosing of candidates for political office. Local political organizations all over the land are conducted and controlled, as a rule, by politicians ... Businessmen have shirked such responsibilities, leaving an untrammeled field to others less capable of carrying on the administration of government.

— B.C. Forbes

For Scripture is the school of the Holy Spirit, in which, as nothing is omitted that is both necessary and useful to know, so nothing is taught but what is expedient to know. Therefore we must guard against depriving believers of anything disclosed about predestination in Scripture, lest we seem either wickedly to defraud them of the blessing of their God or to accuse and scoff at the Holy Spirit for having published what it is in any way profitable to suppress.

— John Calvin

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