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About Your Day Quotes

You want to arrest the clocks, stop everything for half a second, give yourself a chance to do it over again, rewind the life, uncrash the car, run it backward, have her lifted miraculously back into the windshield, unshatter the glass, go about your day umtouched, some old, lost sweet tasting time.
— Colum McCann —

Still is just the right way to be. You rise in the morning to go about your day. You remember a friend who has troubles. You don't quibble with yourself about whether to call her; you don't write a reminder on your Palm Pilot or in your planner to make the call tomorrow. You just call. Simple.

— C. Terry Warner

And that's what we'll do every day. If you or your friends spray-paint obscenities on our walls, we'll scrub them off, and the people will come. if you break our windows, we'll fix them, and the people will come. If you hurt us, we'll wash off the blood, slap on some bandages and the people will come ... any wound you inflict, we'll stitch up. We're not going to stop, no matter what you do. This work is too important. Too many lives are at stake.

— Robert J. Wiersema

Unhappiness is a dangerous thing, like carbon monoxide. You don't smell it, you don't taste it, it's formless and colourless, but it poisons slowly. It seeps into every pore of your skin until one day your heart just stops beating.

— Bella Pollen

I will never marry you. I will never have sex with you voluntarily. And the day you touch me without permission will be the day you swallow your own testicles whole. Do you understand?

— Rachel Vincent

You spend most of your time as an actor unemployed, so you're not going to hear me complaining that I haven't had a day off in three weeks.

— Sendhil Ramamurthy

Find your happy faces, Gentlefucker Bastards, it's a bright new day and we get to start it EARLY!

— Scott Lynch

That voice that talks badly to you is a demon voice. This very patient and determined demon shows up in your bedroom one day and refuses to leave. You are six or twelve or fifteen and you look in the mirror and you hear a voice so awful and mean that it takes your breath away. It tells you that you are fat and ugly and you don't deserve love. And the scary part is the demon is your own voice.

— Amy Poehler

As you live your day so you craft your life. Just take care of your days and a great life will take care of itself.

— Robin S. Sharma

The true meaning of an artist/actor is opening my heart to the audience and at the same time opening their heart. Through sharing my pain I can possibly heal your pain, there is no other feeling like it, money doesn't compare. This is the true meaning of Art. I will attempt to do it till my dying day.

— Richard Cabral

You'll just do what you did before he was your boyfriend," Alicia says. "You'll go about your day, and you will miss him at first, but over time it will ease. It will lessen." She reaches out, touches her papery hand to my cheek. A smile plays at her lips. "All you need is time, and you, little one, have all the time in the world.

— Jenny Han

SEX! Now that I have your attention ... Please try to meditate at least 15 minutes, every day. You know it's good for you.

— Marcelo Goianira

If you go to bed at night and think about your day and you haven't laughed very much, then you must jump out of bed and go do something fun.

— Marlo Morgan

Take an hour every day at dawn and give it to your Self. Meet your Self there, in the holy moment. Then go about your day. You will be a different person.

— Neale Donald Walsch

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