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A Young Mom Quotes

What I do love is the traveling ... and getting paid for it! I like being in front of a camera ... Its an outlet. Its fun! If you look through my photo album, they are all modeling poses. My mom was a young mom, so she took tons of pictures of me.
— Crystal Lowe —

You look like a handsome young man ... although you might want to zip your fly.
What? Should I have not told you and left it for everyone else to notice at the dance?

— Jordan Sonnenblick

I'm a Mommy's Girl - the strongest influence in my young life was my mom.

— Susie Bright

My mom died of cancer when I was really young. I'm not someone who tries to work out their own stuff with a role, but I think that happened despite my best efforts to keep myself separate from it.

— Sarah Polley

I always wanted to be a young mom, but generations of women have worked so hard so we can have a career and wait to have children. So I say carpe diem - take advantage of that.

— Brittany Murphy

I'm frugal. I've always been this way. When I was young, my mom would give me my allowance, and I'd peel off a little each week and have some to spare.

— Tyra Banks

They teach real young kids and when I was about five my Mom took me to enroll in this thing and they said I could do it. It was definitely my choice, but I would have never thought of it. There's pictures of me playing piano when I'm real, real little, that kind of stuff.

— Andrew W.K.

My mom instilled in me at a young age how important it is to be properly dressed when you leave the house, no matter the time of day. Even if it's 4:30 A.M. and you're heading to the airport, you want to look and feel your best.

— Olivia Palermo

When you're young, you don't know that you're poor, you just know whether or not you're happy. And i was happy, and loved. My mom did whatever she has to do to get by, and the lesson i learned from my childhood was that it's possible to pursue happiness, no matter where that pursuit may lead you.

— Jared Leto

My mother did an incredible job - one, of just being a great mom, but two, of instilling a tremendous amount of empathy into me as a young man, as a young person. My mom was kind of this collector of people; throughout my childhood, it didn't matter who you were. She was a high school counselor and then a junior high counselor, and she didn't just counsel students, she counseled other teachers and administrators and coaches.

— Morgan Spurlock

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