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A To Z Filmy Quotes

Still and pale Thou movest in thy silver veil, Queen of the night! the filmy shroud Of many a mild, transparent cloud Hides, yet adorns thee.
— Winthrop Mackworth Praed —

Coming from a filmy background, I have seen everything growing up, but even at that point of time, it never really fascinated me. I did not like going to my dad's shoots. We were taught not to get carried away with it from a very young age.

— Sonakshi Sinha

There was a filmy veil of soft dull mist obscuring, but not hiding, all objects, giving them a lilac hue, for the sun had not yet fully set; a robin was singing ... The leaves were more gorgeous than ever; the first touch of frost would lay them all low to the ground. Already one or two kept constantly floating down, amber and golden in the low slanting sun-rays.

— Elizabeth Gaskell

He knew clearly enough that his imagination was growing traitor to him, and yet at times it seemed the ship he sailed in, his fellow-passengers, the sailors, the wide sea, were all part of a filmy phantasmagoria that hung, scarcely veiling it, between him and a horrible real world. Then the Porroh man, thrusting his diabolical face through that curtain, was the one real and undeniable thing. At that he would get up and touch things, taste something, gnaw something, burn his hand with a match, or run a needle into himself.
("Pollock And The Porrah Man")

— H.G. Wells

How marvellously lie our anxieties, in filmy layers, one over the other! Take away that which has lain on the upper surface for so long-the care of cares-the only one, as it seemed to you, between your soul and the radiance of Heaven-and straight you find a new stratum there. As physical science tells us no fluid is without its skin, so does it seem with this fine medium of the soul, and these successive films of care that form upon its surface on mere contact with the upper air and light.

— J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Habits, though in their commencement like the filmy line of the spider, trembling at every breeze, may in the end prove as links of tempered steel, binding a deathless being to eternal felicity or woe.

— Lydia Sigourney

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