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A Piece Of You Quotes

I dont just want a piece of you and a piece of your life. Even if you were able, which you are not, to give me the biggest piece, that is not what I want. I want all of you and all of every part of you and your day.
— Wm. Paul Young —

Everyone wants a piece of you. The trick is what piece to give.

— Solange Nicole

I believe that people come into your life and then some go.I also think there's a purpose as to why they were in your life at all.Each one takes a piece of you when they go.Some leave pieces of themselves with you.Sometimes its's wisdom, or maybe,it's a lesson.

— Shey Stahl

Want my security system now?" Ender got up and walked away from his bed. "Ender," said Alai. Ender turned around. Alai was holding a little piece of paper. "What is it?" Alai looked up at him. "Don't you know? This was on your bed. You must have sat on it." Ender took it from him. ENDER WIGGIN ASSIGNED SALAMANDER ARMY COMMANDER BONZO MADRID EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY CODE GREEN GREEN BROWN NO POSSESSIONS TRANSFERRED "You're smart, Ender, but you don't do the

— Orson Scott Card

In the context of general relativity, space almost is a substance. It can bend and twist and stretch, and probably the best way to think about space is to just kind of imagine a big piece of rubber that you can pull and twist and bend.

— Alan Guth

At the beginning of their work together Arthur Hibbert gave him a piece of advice he never forgot. "You must never write history," Hibbert said, "until you can hear the people speak." He thought about that for years, and in the end it came to feel like a valuable guiding principle for fiction as well. If you didn't have a sense of how people spoke, you didn't know them well enough, and so you couldn't-you shouldn't-tell their story.

— Salman Rushdie

I don't think you can approach any piece of art with boundaries or rules. I think respect is a very important thing, but I also think what we discover along the way is really important.

— Jake Gyllenhaal

I do not feel any artist can produce great art without putting great personality into it. It is always a piece of you that goes on the screen or the canvass.

— Joe Murray

Every role you play is literally - and I've said this before - every single role that you play, the only way you can connect to that character is because that was a piece of you that was scattered around that yard, almost like we got caught up in some whirlwind.

— Terrence Howard

Acceptance asks only that you embrace what's true. Strange as it sounds, I don't think you've done that yet ... You're so outraged and surprised this shitty thing happened to you that there's a piece of you that isn't yet convinced it did. You're looking for the explanation, the loophole, the bright twist in the dark tale that reverses its course. Anyone would be. It's the reason I've had to narrate my own stories of injustice about seven thousand times, as if by raging about it once more the story will change and by the end of it I won't still be the woman hanging on the end of the line.

— Cheryl Strayed

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