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A Confident Woman Quotes

A confident woman is a sexy woman, in my opinion. And I think guys find that to be the same way.
— Queen Latifah —

It's all about being in control of myself as an older woman who lives alone, and it's all about how I am going to do what I have to do to be as strong as I can be and be confident that I can do what I need to do as an older person. [p. 62]

— Mary Catherine Bateson

Fackelmann claimed to have started a Log just to keep track of Kite's attempted pickup lines
surefire lines like e.g. 'You're the second most beautiful woman I've ever seen, the first most beautiful woman I've ever seem being former Bristish Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,' and 'If you came home with me I'm unusually confident that I could achieve an erection,' and said that if Kite wasn't still cherry at twenty-three and a half it was proof of some kind of divine-type grace.

— David Foster Wallace

A Maybelline New York woman is strong and confident - I love that attitude.

— Frida Gustavsson

Today begins a new saga in my life which I expect to strengthen me and allow me time for reflection ... I plan to write music while in prison, read and pray regularly and will come out a stronger, more confident woman.

— Lil' Kim

I fall into that nebulous, quote-unquote, normal American woman size that legions of fashion stylists detest. For the record, I'm a size 8 - this week, anyway. Many stylists hate that size because I think to them, it shows that I lack the discipline to be an ascetic; or the confident, sassy abandon to be a total fatty hedonist.

— Mindy Kaling

I'm broken, I have a crack in me for all my life. I was made a woman prematurely, criminally early, and initiated into life from its worst side, in the false, boulevard interpretation of a self-confident aging parasite from former times, who profited from everything and allowed himself everything.

— Boris Pasternak

Driven to design by what she refers to as the lack of glamour in the industry, Bar Or creates for the modern woman who is a fashion risk-taker, one who is confident and, perhaps, has a larger than life personality.

— Aslaug Magnusdottir

An insecure woman chases love; a confident woman invites a man to find her.

— Shannon L. Alder

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