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29 Birthday Quotes

In 1993 my birthday present was a star on Hollywoods Walk of Fame.
— Annette Funicello —

Greta is great, but he's a little ... extremely ... moody. Take my birthday last year. At the stroke of midnight, he appeared at my door.
"I wrote this poem for you," he said, shoving a piece of crumpled paper into my hands.
'The world must burn.
Lava exploding into faces.
Their skeletons are screaming now.
No survivors.
- From Greta'
"Oh ... uh ... wow ... " I began.
"Don't bother thanking me," he said. "I just wanted to comfort you for being one year closer to the grave. Of course, I failed miserably, because comfort doesn't exist in this universe.

— Bratniss Everclean

I'd be a birthday cake!

— Liam Payne

In the Mexican culture, we never miss a baptism, a birthday, a baby shower, a wedding shower, a wedding. You must show up. Otherwise, you'll be in big trouble.

— Eva Longoria

I had Hallowe'en parties every year, as it was my birthday five days before. My parents would actually put prosthetic noses on, and my dad would wear a top-hat and tails, put on a fake curly moustache, and hold a pipe.

— Bat For Lashes

Aimee saw more of the world before her first birthday than most people do in a lifetime. I just wish I'd been sober for more of it. I was there physically, but not mentally. So I missed things you can never do over again: the first crawl, the first step, the first word.
If I think about it for too long, it breaks my heart.

— Ozzy Osbourne

All I watch is the Food Network. I took a cheesemaking class a few weeks ago, and I told my family and friends to only get me kitchen stuff on my birthday. I'm into every kind of cookbook and anything by Anthony Bourdain. I'd love to own a restaurant if I could find the right chef.

— Jesse McCartney

I like to give people novels I think they would like, on no particular occasion - just when we're in a bookstore together. I like to receive reference books on my birthday.

— Daniel Handler

When I was young and it was someone's birthday, I didn't have the money to buy nice presents so I would take my mom's camera and make a movie parody for whoever's birthday it was. When I'd show it them, they'd die laughing. That reaction was a high for me, and I loved that feeling.

— David Henrie

Did you get Mom a birthday present?" Helen asked.
"Yes," Gansey replied. "Myself."
"The gift that keeps on giving."
"I don't think that minor children are required to get gifts for their parents. I'm a dependent. That's the definition of dependent, is it not?"
"You, a dependent!" his sister said, and laughed. "You haven't been a dependent since you were four. You went straight from kindergarten to old man with a studio apartment.

— Maggie Stiefvater

Before she cut her birthday cake, she cast a wish, then blew the candles out from his eyes.

— Anthony Liccione

Purim is the birthday of the first Schutz-Jude , the first Jewish toady to foreign royalty.

— I. L. Peretz

I started writing when I was 17. I got an acoustic guitar for my birthday after I discovered Bob Dylan and James Taylor.

— Jason Reeves

I heard last year at [insert name]'s birthday party they had to set up mirrors to make it look like a crowd.

— Jim Cornette

Imagine my delight and awe when I discovered such a thing was a real genre - contemporary fantasy or urban fantasy. It was like having my birthday twice in one week and cookie dough for breakfast.

— Maggie Stiefvater

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