10 Months With My Boyfriend Quotes

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10 Months With My Boyfriend Quotes

Zulu!" I raced up to his side and stopped him. "I can explain my weird behavior." "So youre not just crazy?" His blond eyebrows rose as he grinned. "Well, thats the point. I am crazy." I raked my fingers through my hair and blew out a long breath. "I set my ex-boyfriend and the two women he was cheating with on fire. They were all in the hospital for several months." He didnt say anything and just continued to stare. Feel like running away yet? "So," I said. "Im not the sanest person you could spend your time trying to be with." He flashed me a huge smile. "If someone touched you now, they would be lucky to have only one month in the hospital." Oh, my goodness. "Okay. I dont think you understand me." I held my hands out to my sides. "What I am trying to say is Im insanely jealous and act on it in violent ways that are frankly detrimental—" "You have a few more weeks." He tapped his watch. "And then Im coming for you." Coming for me?
— Kenya Wright —

I mean ... it's no big deal. You'd have done exactly the same if it had been Ed working undercover with you, right?" Trent's smile had little sign of real happiness in it.
"Like hell I would!" Kieran told him. Trent met his eyes. "Have you met his boyfriend? Derby's bloody well psychotic. I can just imagine trying to
explain to him that I wasn't screwing his sub-I was just screwing the guy his sub was pretending to be." Kieran had heard Derby's views on the matter several times over the past few months. That wasn't a conversation that would ever go well for him or Ed.
"You'd tell Derby?" Trent asked.
Kieran made a disbelieving sound in the back of his throat. "I wouldn't get the chance. Ed would blurt it out five seconds after he set eyes on him. Derby's the only guy he can't lie to.

— Kim Dare

For years I'd been awaiting that overriding urge I'd always heard about, the narcotic pining that draws childless women ineluctably to strangers' strollers in parks. I wanted to be drowned by the hormonal imperative, to wake one day and throw my arms around your neck, reach down for you, and pray that while that black flower bloomed behind my eyes you had just left me with child. (With child: There's a lovely warm sound to that expression, an archaic but tender acknowledgement that for nine months you have company wherever you go. Pregnant, by contrast, is heavy and bulging and always sounds to my ear like bad news: "I'm pregnant." I instinctively picture a sixteen-year-old at the dinner table- pale, unwell, with a scoundrel of a boyfriend- forcing herself to blurt out her mother's deepest fear.) (27)

— Lionel Shriver

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