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1 Week To Go Quotes

Some people have great ideas maybe once or twice in their life, and then they discover electricity or fire or outer space or something. I mean, the kind of brilliant ideas that change the whole world. Some people never have them at all ... I get them two or three times a week.
— Neil Gaiman —

Monday; a cross between Wednesday this week and Thursday next week." - Jonathan "Jack" McVoy

— E.J. Eisman

When you do a show five days a week and one night a week, the way I was doing, you use up so much music every day that pretty soon you find yourself hustling for material.

— Tennessee Ernie Ford

After a year's research, one realizes that it could have been done in a week.

— William Henry Bragg

I suppose there is something in all of us that harks back to the soil. When you come to think of it, what are picnics but outcroppings of instinct? No one really enjoys them or expects to enjoy them, but with the first warm days some prehistoric instinct takes us out into the woods, to fry potatoes over a strangling wood fire or spend the next week getting grass stains out of our clothes. It must be instinct; every atom of intelligence warns us to stay at home near the refrigerator.

— Mary Roberts Rinehart

I love dancing to Latin music, so I have a trainer who dances with me for an hour three times a week.

— Sofia Vergara

One of the great compliments paid the Savior was that he taught as one having authority. The missionary who knows scripture and can quote it speaks with the voice of authority ... May I suggest that in our family night gatherings we make it a project to memorize one scripture a week pertinent to this work. At the conclusion of a year our children will have on their lips a fund of scripture which will remain with them throughout their lives.

— Gordon B. Hinckley

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