Shelby Reed Quotes: I Just Want She Said When Hed Finally

I Just Want, She Said When He'd Finally Broken Down Her Defenses. And So Had He. He'd Wanted Her To Desire Him, But Truthfully, Whether She Knew It Or Not, Any Man's Tender Arms Would Do. The Woman Was Wounded And Aching For Love, And It Didn't Matter Who Adrian Was, Or That He Was The One Who Held Her.
But It Had Mattered To Him. His Eyelids Slid Closed As He Envisioned All The Pleasure He Could Have Shown Her, If She Hadn't Had The Decency To Decline. No Toys Or Tricks Needed For This One; Just Deep, Primal Fucking. Stripping Away Her Inhibitions Alone Would Have Been Erotic Enough To Test His Endurance.
— Shelby Reed —

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