Olive Ann Burns Quotes: Life Bullies Us Son But God Dont He Had

Life Bullies Us Son, But God Don't. He Had Good Reasons For Fixin' It Where If'n You Git Too Sick Or Too Hurt To Live, Why, You Can Die, Same As A Sick Chicken. I've Knowed A Few Really Sick Chickens To Git Well, And Lots A-folks Git Well Thet Nobody Ever Thought To See Out A-bed Agin Cept In A Coffin. Still And All, Common Sense Tells You This Much: Everwhat Makes A Wheel Run Over A Track Will Make It Run Over A Boy If'n He's In The Way. If'n You'd A Got Kilt, It'd Mean You Jest Didn't Move Fast Enough, Like A Rabbit That Gits Caught By A Hound Dog ... When It Comes To Prayin' We Got It All Over The Other Animals, But We Ain't No Different When It Comes To Livin' And Dyin'. If'n You Give God The Credit When Somebody Don't Die, You Go'n Blame Him When They Do Die? Call It His Will? Ever Noticed We Git Well All The Time And Don't Die But Once't? Thet Has To Mean God Always Wants Us To Live If'n We Can.
— Olive Ann Burns —

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