Fiona Wood Quotes: You Cracked Up You Were Looking At Me

You Cracked Up. You Were Looking At Me And Laughing.
And I Said, What? And You Said, I Love You.
And We Were Both Completely Shocked. Because It Was A Little Premature, Surely.
And You Said It Again, As Though You Were Checking The Flavor, And It Tasted Perfectly Right. You Said It Again, Softly, I Love You; You Were Looking Right Into My Heart. You Said It Again, Almost Shouting. And You Were Laughing And It Was As Though You Were So Happy You Couldn't Believe That Someone Had Given You This Good Thing.
And It Was Partly That, And It Was Partly Because You Were Thinking You'd Had A Premature Decision, Whereas Guys Your Age Were More Generally Associated With Premature Ejaculation. As Well As Inability To Speak Girl And Commitment Problems To Anything Other Than Games With Buttons.
And The Best Part Was When You Said, You Love Me, Too. And All I Had To Do Was Nod. Because It Was True.
— Fiona Wood —

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