Brian Keene Quotes: Were Not Going To Make It I Said The

We're Not Going To Make It, I Said.
The Words Caught In My Throat, Choking Me. What Was It Leslie Had Said To Me When We Were Discussing Shannon's And Antoinetta's Disappearance? 'You're Beginning To Sound Like One Of The Characters In Your Books, Adam.' She'd Been Right. If This Were A Novel My Heroes Would Have Arrived Just In The Nick Of Time And Saved The Day. But Real Life Didn't Work Like That. Real Life Had No Happy Endings. Despite Our Best Efforts, Despite My Love For Tara [his Wife] And My Determination To Protect Her, And After Everything We'd Been Through At The LeHorn House, Fate Conspired Against Us. We Were Still Nine Or Ten Miles From Home, And Night Was Almost Upon Us. By The Time We Got There It Would Already Be Too Late. I Fought Back Tears. I Had The Urge Just To Lie Down In The Middle Of The Road And Let The Next Car Run Over Me.
— Brian Keene —

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