Shivam Singh Quotes: I Think I Am At That Stage Of Life Now

I Think I Am At That Stage Of Life Now Where Success Or Failure, Nothing Bothers Me. If I Get Little Success Then I Get Lots Of Rejections And Failures On A Regular Basis Too. But None Of That Bothers Me At All. I Can Take Failure As Sportingly Without Getting Bothered As I Take Success. And This Is How My Life Has Drastically Changed In Last One Year Or Something. I Don't Do Things Anymore To Please People Around Me And All I Care About Is If I Am Happy Being Where I Am And I Am Enjoying Doing What I Am Doing Or Not. I May Not Be Where I Want To Be Yet But I Am Happy.This Is What Matters In Life. Isn't It? Find What You Love. Sooner Or Later But You Need To Find One Day, And Once You Find, Give Your Everything To It. There May Be Many Failures And Rejections On The Way But You Will Reach Where You Want To Be Some Day And Most Importantly, You Will Be Happy And In Peace With Where You Are.
— Shivam Singh —

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