James Joyce Quotes: Her Antiquity In Preceding And Surviving

Her Antiquity In Preceding And Surviving Succeeding Tellurian Generations: Her Nocturnal Predominance: Her Satellitic Dependence: Her Luminary Reflection: Her Constancy Under All Her Phases, Rising And Setting By Her Appointed Times, Waxing And Waning: The Forced Invariability Of Her Aspect: Her Indeterminate Response To Inaffirmative Interrogation: Her Potency Over Effluent And Refluent Waters: Her Power To Enamour, To Mortify, To Invest With Beauty, To Render Insane, To Incite To And Aid Delinquency: The Tranquil Inscrutability Of Her Visage: The Terribility Of Her Isolated Dominant Resplendent Propinquity: Her Omens Of Tempest And Of Calm: The Stimulation Of Her Light, Her Motion And Her Presence: The Admonition Of Her Craters, Her Arid Seas, Her Silence: Her Splendour, When Visible: Her Attraction, When Invisible.
— James Joyce —

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