Shannon Dermott Quotes: Do You Need Help With Anything He Asked

Do You Need Help With Anything?" He Asked With A Wicked Arched Brow. "Maybe With Cookies For Santa."
Scowling Because No One Was Here But Us, I Said, "You're A Bit Late For That. Santa Already Came."
He Hadn't Moved, But I Knew Better Than To Think He Would. Flynn Was A Pro At Filling The Bubble Air Space That Was Meant To Be Private And Personal. "And Were You A Good Girl?" He Asked.
Awkwardly Folding My Arms Over My Chest, I Said, "Not Sure, I Haven't Checked. But You Needn't Look. We All Know You Are All Bad."
Laughing, He Said, "Yeah, Well, There Are Other Things Worth Unwrapping."
Grinding My Teeth, I Asked, "What, You Didn't Get Your Ho, Ho, Ho, Last Night?"
Tossing Back Another Full Belly Laugh, He Said, "You Know You're Kind Of Funny When You Want To Be.
— Shannon Dermott —

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