Anaïs Nin Quotes: I Am The Most Tired Woman In The World I

I Am The Most Tired Woman In The World. I Am Tired When I Get Up. Life Requires An Effort I Cannot Make. Please Give Me That Heavy Book. I Need To Put Something Heavy Like That On Top Of My Head. I Have To Place My Feet Under The Pillows Always, So As To Be Able To Stay On Earth. Otherwise I Feel Myself Going Away, Going Away At A Tremendous Speed, On Account Of My Lightness. I Know That I Am Dead. As Soon As I Utter A Phrase My Sincerity Dies, Becomes A Lie Whose Coldness Chills Me. Don't Say Anything, Because I See That You Understand Me, And I Am Afraid Of Your Understanding. I Have Such A Fear Of Finding Another Like Myself, And Such A Desire To Find One! I Am So Utterly Lonely, But I Also Have Such A Fear That My Isolation Be Broken Through, And I No Longer Be The Head And Ruler Of My Universe. I Am In Great Terror Of Your Understanding By Which You Penetrate Into My World; And Then I Stand Revealed And I Have To Share My Kingdom With You.
— Anaïs Nin —

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