Danny Wallace Quotes: Its The What If The What Then And We

It's The What If? The What Then? And We Know That If We Go For It, If We Risk It, We Immediately Stand To Lose It. But Weirdly, Some Part Of Us Believes The Feeling Is Two-way, Because It Must Be; It's Too Special Not To Be. We Believe That Something's Been Shared, Even If The Evidence We Have Is ... What? A Look That Lasted A Breath Longer Then We're Used To? A Second Glance, When The Glance Could Easily Have Been To Check Whether There Are Any Cabs Coming, Or Whether The Jacket We're Wearing That's Caught Their Eyes Would Look Good On Their Boyfriend, Or Why It Is We Seem To Be Staring At Them.
I Saw You. You Don't Use Overhead Handles On The Train. Hoped It Would Jolt And You Would Fall To Me. But No.
I Smiled. These Small Moments, Never Said Out Loud, As Formed And Perfect As Sweet Little Haikus, Romance And Longing Carved Out In The Dust Of A Grubby City.
— Danny Wallace —

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